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New York City’s Colorful, Pet-friendly Café where Feels Fresh and Charming

Despite the current crisis engulfing the city, there is no doubt that New York City is an absolute icon when it comes to style and design. Its many homes, cafes and art galleries have produced unique styles that have inspired architects and designers all across the world. While there are plenty of chic and relaxing cafés in New York City, few combine the eclectic mix of color with a welcoming ambiance for both you and your pet dog like Boris & Horton. You will not be asked to leave your best friend behind at the doorstep of this beautifully quaint restaurant that was designed by Lorla Studio.

Delightful pops of color and neon lighting bring brightness to the rejuvenated NYC cafe interior

The first thing that you notice as you step in here is the gorgeous use of colors like blue and pink in the backdrop along with bright neon lights that make a statement. Seats also feature pastel blue cushions while white lights with brass add glitter to the charming setting. In the backdrop you find whitewashed brick walls that are all too common in cafés in this part of New York City while a series of glass walls bring in all the natural light one could ask for. A perfect little hangout for you and your four-legged best buddy in NYC!

Brick walls that are whitewashed give the restaurant interior a cozy, timeless appeal
Enjoy a lovely meal and some downtime at this beautiful NYC cafe designed by Lorla Studio
Lighting in white and gold brings a more classic design element to the cafe interior in New York City
Modern, bright and colorful interior of Boris & Horton on New York City is a showstopper
Pet-friendly cafe of New York City with bright pops of color welcomes dogs

Boris & Horton was created to provide New Yorkers with an amazing café and retail experience to enjoy alongside their dogs. Think of us as your neighborhood coffee shop that allows dogs and hosts adoption events, but unlike the city’s cat cafes, dogs don’t live here.

Unique and colorful interior of Boris & Horton in New York City with a pet-friendly design
Boris & Horton in New York City offers an all-vegan menu along with some of the finest coffee options
Grafitti on the walls gives the street facade of Boris & Horton a unique appeal

Sherry Nothingam

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