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Beyond Neutrals: 16 Ways to Create Colorful Living Rooms

The idea of a living room that presents a picture of ‘neutrality’ and fits in easily with changing trends and seasons is a concept that has become the accepted norm of sorts. This has discouraged many homeowners from trying out new, more refreshing living room décor options that are far more colorful and striking. Sometimes it is the fear of spending a fortune on that new, brightly colored sofa only to find out that it feels out of place a few months down the line that stops you from making a bolder choice. On other occasions we believe that the living room must be devoid of dazzling color to ensure your guests are not overawed by it all.

Luxurious living room couch in bright yellow (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

But the truth is far from this beige- and gray-colored world, and homeowners are increasingly turning towards colorful living rooms to give their home a sense of uniqueness and individuality. Today, we take a look at the 16 fabulous ideas that include the trendiest living room décor finds of 2016, which combine color with class and style with pizzazz. Time to up the style quotient of your living room!

A Bold Splash of Color

Adding a gorgeous couch in scarlet or a fabulous sofa in refreshing yellow is definitely not for everyone. For starters, one needs to absolutely love the color to be able to live with it. If it is a passing fling with a bold hue, then you will find yourself redecorating in absolutely no time! But if you truly love brighter shades of red, green, blue or yellow, then do not shy away from bringing in a sectional or couch in a hue of your fancy. A combination of black and red in the living room can instantly turn heads, while living room décor in stunning yellow is ideal for the sun-kissed interior.

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Dashing modern living room in red! (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Modern and colorful take on the classic chaise lounge (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Think beyond the usual cohch designs to give your living room a refreshing modern vibe (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Exquisite sofas in red become instant hits in the contemporary living room (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Yellow living room sofas coupled with smart modular setaing that doubles as a coffee table (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

An Understated Approach

A colorful living room does not mean one drenched in shades of yellow, red or blue that seem audacious and eclectic. Depending on both the style you pick and the size of the room, the use of color can be carefully tempered to achieve the desired ambiance. Shabby chic or feminine living rooms benefit from décor in pastel hues that vary from light pinks to charming violets. Darker shades of gray and blue in more sober tints also promise to add color without drastically altering the neutral color palette of the living room. It is all about balance and panache!

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Pastel pink is a great color choice for those who love teh shabby chic living room (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Simple pops of color and a bright rug bring vivacious charm to the living space (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Couch in blue and matching rub might be all you need to give the living room an instant style upgrade (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
A more undersrated approach to working with color in the living room
A dash of yellow using accent pillows brings color to the gray living room couch (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

Fitting in with the Living Room Style

Adding color to the living room is not about going overboard with just one hue. Colorful living rooms are quite different from vibrant bedrooms or vivacious kitchens that seem inherently more receptive to the greater infusion of bold hues. Sometimes it is best to just add pops of bright color and to repeat it carefully throughout the room to find that balance between desired style, upbeat ambiance and a backdrop that is still versatile and adaptable. It is time to break the shackles of convention with color!

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Leather sofa in orange cpmbine color with comfort and elegance (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Living room sofas in blue are a popular choice in homes across the globe (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Couch in muted pink is perfect for the feminine living room (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
A smart way to extend the storage and display space of the foyer and the living room (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)
Bright pink chair and the backdrop give color to the living room (Image by Alex Ion / Decoist.com)

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