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Coastal Living Rooms That Will Make You Yearn for the Beach

The beach has a magical atmosphere that instantly relaxes us and makes us happy. Maybe it’s the wind, maybe it’s the sun or the smell of the sea … if only we could bring these elements into our home! The next best thing to actually being at the beach, soaking it all in, is turning your living space into a coastal fairytale! If you are yearning for the beach, these coastal living rooms will offer some much-needed inspiration!

The Colors of the Sea

The sea has the most magnificent coloring. It can be dark blue or light turqoise, all depending on its depth and the way the light hits the water at any given moment. White often comes into the mix when the waves start foaming and the whole scenery is absolutely captivating. Bring these colors into your interior to fully capture the magic of the ocean!

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Everything in this living room is a small piece of a mosaic forming a bigger picture. Each element, from the seashells to the wall gallery, is an important contributing factor to the charming coastal room.

Dark woven chairs and navy blue cushions are the ideal contrast for a white interior, giving the room a feeling of balance and coziness. The subtle sandy rug reminds us of a sunny beach day!

The storage chest coffee table is a unique element that feels very nautical and a little mysterious. It’s the perfect centerpiece for a living room decorated in light blue shades that resemble clear ocean water!

This open and breezy room is so delightful and inviting! The natural lighting is a strong attribute that marvelously lights up the colorful furniture and corresponding plants!

The white and blue colors of this living room channel the appeal of the seaside, with the mesmerizing blue artwork serving as a centerpiece of the room, only rivaled by the woven coffee table.

Woven furniture is the perfect choice when decorating the room in coastal decor. It embodies the comfort and almost holiday-like feeling that can only be felt at the beach while sipping cocktails!

This open and bright living room looks free and airy! If you leave all the windows open and let the wind in it might feel like you are standing on a windy beach, surrounded by the sea, whose color is so beautifully represented by the blue furniture and pillows!

While classical coastal living rooms are normally more subtle and serene, you can absolutely include bold elements – such as bright orange chairs – to challenge the traditional look and bring something modern to the table.

The beautiful contrast between beige and mint is absolutely breathtaking and instantly makes us daydream of the sandy beach mixed with turquoise sea!

Lots of Light!

If the interior of your living room is leaning towards neutral, choose some wooden elements to balance the scale and bring in some warmth and coastal vibes!

Home decor is like creating a mosaic where each small piece has big value. Your furniture doesn’t have to feel coastal at all, as long as you place in decor elements that send a clear message of your love of the sea. Andrew Howard has got some great ideas!

The nautical vibes are super strong in this breathtaking living room defined by dark blue decor elements, such as the truly unique armchairs and matching cushions and curtains.

Even the flowers have gotten the memo that this living room is all about the color of the sea! The striped rug is such a nice touch and goes amazingly with the simplistic wooden table!

If you enjoy contrasts, pick the shade of blue that feels bold and daring, then contrast it with rustic wooden furniture to create a balanced interior that resembles all of your favorite things about going to the beach.

The wooden lights hanging from the ceiling immediately capture our attention! Rustic elements go hand in hand with elegant decor in a living room full of light and harmony.

A wall gallery can be such a strong piece in your living room, one that easily reflects the coastal theme and leaves anyone speechless. You get a crucial element for coastal interior and the room gets brilliant wall decor! Win-win!


The quickest way to assure your living room feels like a nautical zone is to incorporate elements that you would actually find while sailing through the ocean! Some ideas represent a ship’s wheel, paddles and a nautical telescope.

The Colors of the Sand

Water is not the only charming thing at the beach. A lot of the magic stems from the sand! It has a calming energy, filling us with inner peace to the point where we don’t care if we are totally covered in sand grains, we simply never want to leave the serene beige scenery! Your very own living room can carry so many sandy elements you will soon feel like every day can be beach day!

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The faint beige colors are a clear defining factor in this coastal living room. It radiates beachy vibes, intensified by the decorative branch on the table.

Candles and cushions are the elements that will enrich a coastal living room and make it feel more cozy and intimate – kind of like a secluded beach.

There isn’t a shred of doubt that this room is as nautical as they come! Every little detail feels so precious, from the little boat in the back to the crab pillow in the front!

If you don’t want many colors in your room and you’d rather keep the setting coherent and neutral, turn your living room into a calming space where every single element matches the color of the sand and so charms anyone who steps into it!

A de-saturated color palette always feels slow and unhurried, which can be seen in this peaceful living room that channels the easygoing lifestyle of the coast!

A very important piece of any coastal living room must be the wall art. A wall gallery with carefully chosen paintings looks stunning, as it fills up the empty wall without closing up the room!

Use of Natural Materials

A dark blue ottoman in the center of this room is a superb focal point for a living space decorated in light cream tones!

The basket acting as a coffee table, the wooden stump, the ladder … all of these flawless pieces represent a countryside beach house that would make the perfect summer getaway!

Coastal living rooms don’t need to have too many decor elements; in fact, sometimes less is more! As long as your key decor pieces capture the spirit of the beach – like the rope in a jar does – minimalism can still be embraced!

The rustic lamp and coffee table channel the casual and carefree spirit of the sandy beach, while the mint walls represent the fluidness of the ocean water. This living room really radiates a steady coastal atmosphere!

Big full-size windows will allow the sunlight to illuminate your living room and make every day feel like the peak of summertime, even if you don’t have a view of the ocean. The vast and spacious room is a comfortable and welcoming space for the entire family to relax in!

A peaceful living room manifesting the serene energy of a sandy beach, captured by white and beige color palette, is the ideal space if you are in need of a coastal retreat every day of your life!

A piece of driftwood can make a stunning wall decoration and it brings the rustic, wild ambiance into the space. The woven ottoman cannot be overlooked and neither can the minty cushions!

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