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Classic Farmhouse Aesthetics Meet Modern Refinement at WE Guest House

The exquisite form of a classic farmhouse is being increasingly used to create contemporary getaways and stylish retreats that combine the traditional with the modern. Showcasing this unique blend of contrasting styles is the WE Guest House in the Hamptons, New York designed by TA Dumbleton Architect. With a dramatic and beautiful exterior that takes you back in time with its barn-style appeal, the gorgeous structure charms you instantly. A lush green, natural landscape, patio and pool provide the perfect backdrop even as the interior presents a clean, modern setting.

Guest house at Hamptons designed by TA Dumbleton Architect

Built in just 8 months, heavy stucco walls along with smart design ensure that the insulation here is absolutely top-notch. A wall of glass on one side and addition windows on the other with a dark frame usher in plenty of natural light and also connect the open living area visually with the garden outside. White is the color of choice at this Hamptons home with a comfy couch in gray, wooden dining table and kitchenware adding contrast.

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Loft and barn styles combined into one at the Hamptons house
Natural canopy around the pool is both relaxing and offers ample privacy
Living and dining room in white with slanted ceiling
View of the living room and kitchen from top
Dark framed windows bring the canopy indoors
Dining table in wood and living room couch in gray
Glass wall connects the interior with the garden outside

The bedrooms offer a more private and cozy setting with walls and ceiling draped in wood along with plush décor in white shaping a serene setting. Relaxing, timeless and distinctive, this Bridgehampton guest house moves away from the mundane. [Photography: Ed Lederman Photography]

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Modern and minimal bedroom with a view of the outdoors
A-style wooden ceiling for the cozy bedroom
Wooden ceiling for the cozy bedroom
Walls in wood add warmth and rustic charm to the bedroom
Bathtub and fireplace for the master bedroom
Classic exterior of the guest house
Gorgeous and modern guest house in Hamptons
Lighting creates an inviting and charming guest house
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