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This Awesome London Penthouse Sits Inside a Revamped Orthodox Church!

Any real estate in the heart of London is invaluable, and there are times when existing structures need to be preserved, upgraded and even revamped completely to make the most of the precious space on offer. Situated not too far away from iconic landmarks of the city, such as the Lords Ground (home of cricket) and the Beatles crossing, this exquisite contemporary apartment sits inside what was once an orthodox church. Thanks to the adaptive reuse of the structure, the building was transformed into a modern residential unit that now holds 13 apartments, along with this breezy penthouse designed by VORBILD architecture.

Modern penthouse apartment inside a coverted church in London

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Working with the existing limitations, architects decided to remove all internal partitions of the penthouse and create an open living area that also holds the kitchen and dining space. But the real showstopper here is the curved mezzanine level above the kitchen that contains the master bedroom and is connected with the living area visually at all times. A custom walnut oak staircase leads to this cozy bedroom, even as the two revamped towers of the church now hold two additional bedrooms and bathrooms.

Open living area along with the new walnut oak staircase and mezzanine level master bedroom

Dining area of the contemporary penthouse inside a revamped orthodox church

Fabulous kitchen inside the church turned into a residential units

Custom walnut oak staircase connecting the living area with mezznine level master bedroom

Bedroom offers additional storage options and also leads to the small bathroom

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Skylights bring ample natural light into the mezzanine level bedroom

Space-savvy and serene master bedroom inside the penthouse that was once an orthodox London church

The kitchen also brings along with it several custom features like the concrete backsplash, steel worktops and expansive wooden storage units that extend all the way up to the ceiling. The bathrooms look equally stunning with their use of cool concrete tiles, custom walnut oak vanities and cabinets, and smart design that tucks away everything from the washing machine to an Aquavision TV. Natural light is barely an issue here with plenty of windows and skylights, while smart ambient lighting and décor in neutral shades complete a magnificent makeover!

Contemporary bathroom of London penthouse in concrete and oak

Plexiglass panels and lit ceiling give the contemporary bathroom a great ambiance

Concrete tiles and smart design create a soothing cotemporay bathroom inside the London penthouse

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Small bathroom storage and display idea

Space-conscious bathroom design that also holds the washing machine in a custom cabinet

Concrete tiles give the modern bathroom a cool and relaxed appeal

Walnut oak vanity inisde the stylish bathroom

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