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Shades of Cedar and Gable Roofs Create Modern Classic Home in Tennessee

A smart blend of the vernacular and the modern, the Dark and Tan House in Rogersville, Tennessee is one that feels unique in more ways than one. Designed by Dake Wells Architecture, the exterior of the house is draped in cedar panels of different finishes. The vertical cedar panels on the front feel rugged and almost rustic despite their dark gray finish. Those used on the inside for the courtyard are horizontal in their placement and have a more polished, contemporary appeal. Even on the inside, this contrast is found in a different expression as the gable roof meets neutral, modern color palette and dashing décor.

Gorgeous contemporay interior of the house with a gabled roof
Gorgeous contemporary interior of the house with a gabled roof

The house has four different gabled structures and within their confines is the protected courtyard and pool zone that provides the perfect outdoor escape. Privacy along with a sense of openness is what you find here as the house offers natural protection. Connection between the exterior and the interior is seamless and an open plan living area adds to the sense of spaciousness. Task lighting fixtures along with recessed lights make an even bigger impact and enhance the ambiance further without seeming out of place.

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Combining roof shingles and cedar to create a gorgeous facade
Contemporary kitchen on the suburban home in white with a spacious island
Different shades of cedar wood shape the exterior of the house
Gable roof gives the interior a spacious appeal
Gabled roof form take you back to vernacular style of the region
Modern classic house in Rogersville clad in different types of cedar
Central courtyard is protected naturally by the different gabled structures
Central pool are and courtyard that the family can enjoy

This is a residence that does all it can to combine the rustic past the neighborhood with its growing modern ambition and practical luxury. A bridge between styles and eras is what you find here and it is a blend that you cannot help but fall in love with. [Photography: Architectural Imageworks]

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Staircase and outdoor sitting zone of the house
Floor plan of the ground and lower level of the Black and Tan House

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