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Enthralling Cantilevered Structure Meets Eco-Friendly Design at this Lake House

A picturesque backdrop that is enriched by Lake Michigan and a tranquil setting that allows the modern residence in the foreground to steal the show – this lakeside residence in Leelanau County, Michigan has plenty going for it! Designed by Desai Chia Architecture in collaborating with Environment Architects, this dramatic contemporary residence instantly grabs your attention with the 20-foot-long cantilevered upper level and a charred wood exterior that dubbed ‘shou sugi ban’. The dark exterior lets the home standout visually even while ensuring that it melts away into darkness after sunset.

Stone pathway leading to the Michigan Lake House

Locally sourced wood and stone were used throughout the house and dying ash trees milled from the lot were used in creating custom furniture and cabinets for the home. But the woodsy goodness does not end there as flooring, ceiling panels and eye-catching trim work were also crafted using this wood. Minimal and elegant, the house still remains warm and inviting with large, sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling glass windows bringing the surrounding scenery and Lake Michigan indoors.

Cantilevered structure of the modern house gives it a distinct facade
Charred wood exterior of the stylish Michigan Lake House with a sweeping modern interior
Gently undulating roof mimics the landscape the house sits in
Unique charred wood and glass exterior of the lakeside house
Locally sourced stone shapes the outdoor deck with the cantilevered upper level offering shade
Dining area combines rustic, wooden decor with sparkling lighting

Spatially, the three different structures of the house contain three specialized areas with the edifice in the foreground housing the living area, kitchen and other public spaces. One of the two rear structures hosts the master bedroom suite with the other containing the kids’ bedroom. An undulating roofscape puts the final touches on a truly mesmerizing lakeside home. [Photography: Paul Warchol]

Unobstructed view of Lake Michigan from the upper level
Warm wood interiors and large floor-to-ceiling sliding doors create a dashing lakeside home
Breezy modern bedroom with smartly framed view of the outdoors

A Host of green features enhances the appeal of this lakeside home –

Scuppers of the roof collect rainwater, allow for drainage, and assist with erosion control around the site. The home elegantly integrates geothermal heating into its design. Studies of the prevailing winds determined window placement to take advantage of natural ventilation: there is no air-conditioning in the home.

Large windows light up the stairway during daytime
Floor plan of the exquisite Michigan Lake House
Site plan showcases the placement of the living area, bedrooms and dining space

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