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Dramatic Cantilevered Home in South Korea with a Gravity-Defying Façade!

The street façade of an urban residence is generally what sets it apart from its neighbors in the most obvious fashion. Sure, the interior and the backyard matter a whole lot as well, but it is the front elevation of the building that gives it a distinct identity in a setting where space is precious and one home seems to start where the previous one ends! Nestled in the beautiful residential community of South Korea’s sixth largest city Gwangju, Floating-VI sure has a distinct identity of its own. A cantilevered front section of the house that almost seems like it is defying gravity when viewed from certain angles welcomes you at this spacious family residence.

Striking, floating facade of the family residence in Gwangju, South Korea

Designed by PLAN & HUMAN PLAN Architects office, the contemporary home is spread across three different levels, with the lowest floor housing the entrance, a spacious hall and a home office along with a large parking space. The second is in line with the large garden and spa outside and seems to interact with the outdoors in a seamless fashion, while it holds a family room, playroom and additional bedrooms on the inside. It is the top level, though, that is the real activity hub here, as it contains everything from the master bedroom and kids’ bedrooms to the kitchen, dining room, and an open living space that offers wonderful views of the city landscape.

Large pillars hold up the front section of the home to give its cantilevered look

Double height contemporary living room of the South Korean home

Family room and art studio at the South Korean home

Private decks around the house allow homeowners to take in the scenic view

Small balcony offers scenic views of the surrounding village

View of the landscape and streets around the house from the balcony

Small private garden and deck at the stylish South Korean home

A series of balconies and cozy private nooks have been incorporated throughout the house to allow those inside to visually stay connected with the world outside at all times. With a neutral color scheme, contemporary décor and smart modern lighting, this South Korean home keeps design simple, practical and elegant.

Smart use of mesh style wall to create a flow of natural light

Unique contemporary exterior of the Floating VI House as viewed from the street

Fabulous Floating VI Residence in Gwangju, South Korea

Floor plan of first level at Floating Vi

Floor plan of the second level of contemporary South Korean home

Private, third level floor plan of the house

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