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Modern Home in Israel Puts Open Living Spaces at the Forefront

It is the landscape, the views on offer and the neighborhood that often define the silhouette of the house and the balance between privacy and ‘openness’ when it comes to design. Nestled in Kibbutz Yehiam, Israel, The Rosenberg Ricky & Golan Home tends to veer more towards the latter with its unique design that blurs the conventional boundaries between the interior and the world outside. Designed by SO Architecture, it is two large boxes that make up the overall design of the residence, with the one on the ground providing partial support for the second box above. A steel frame also provides additional support, creating an open living area that contains the kitchen and dining room.

Rosenberg Golan and Ricky Home by SO Architecture in Israel

The solid stone structure on the base level contains the children’s rooms, along with the safe room and other service spaces. The more open, sheltered area holds the patio, living area and kitchen and is connected with the outdoor dining and lounging area. A sculptural steel staircase leads to the top floor, where one finds the master suite and an equally spacious deck that offers unabated views of the scenic landscape outside. Sliding glass doors, a neutral color scheme and unassuming interiors ensure that the sights and sounds outside end up stealing the spotlight at this ingenious contemporary home. [Photography: Shai Epstein]

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Stone and steel base of the lower level allows for the creating of a striking overhang above

Living area kitchen and dining room of the contemporary Israeli home

Sliding glazed doors connect the interior with the view outside

Exquisite metallic staircase connects the living area level with the master bedroom above

Metallic staircase gives the interior an edgy contemporary vibe

Smart use of windows and stairwell brings in ample natural light

Inside the house, length , width and opened views are created from the front door to the landscape, in the opposite direction from the patio, which is located in the covered in stone volume toward the outdoor kitchen. The design allows constant invasion of the greenery and the view to the inside of the house, while maintaining privacy.

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Master bedroom and deck outside with unabated views of the scenery outside

Glass wall seperates the bedroom from the bathroom

Gorgeous covered deck that overlooks the landscape and beyond

Cantilevered top section of the house gives it a cool sculptural vibe

Floor plan of lower level of contemporary home in Israel

Upper level floor plan with master suit and a spacious deck

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