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Helpful Tips for Spring Gardening on a Budget

What is it about spring that inspires a huge gardening effort? Or possibly a yard makeover?! Don’t let a tight budget limit your desire to add ample greenery to your yard this season. There are easy ways to get a lush look for less. Read on as we share our creative tips for spring gardening on a budget

Purchase Flowering Plants

Flowering plants are an easy way to add instant color to your outdoor space. If you have a choice between a plant with blooms and a plant without blooms, why not choose the flowering greenery?! A case in point: red yucca. At the nursery, grab the yucca that clearly has a flowering stalk in the works. While it makes sense to purchase a plant that isn’t fully blooming yet (so there’s plenty of flower power left), why not go with a sure thing, rather than wait to see if the plant you’ve selected will have luscious blooms?

Another colorful choice: bougainvillea. Who can resist those bright magenta blooms?! It doesn’t hurt that bougainvillea thrives in full sun. This is no wilting flower…

Enjoy placing flowering plants in pots, in the ground, and anywhere in your yard that needs a burst of color!

Use Vines to Your Advantage

If you have a trellis that’s covered in greenery, make it a true focal point of your yard. Talk with an expert at your local nursery to get ideas on encouraging your vines to thrive, especially if there’s still lots of growing needed for an abundant look.

If you’re wanting an instant wall of greenery and you don’t have the time or patience to cultivate the jasmine in the photo above, consider going faux. While this idea might sound less than ideal, especially for an outdoor space, note that great advances have been made in the world of faux greenery. Below we see NaturaHedge, a faux foliage solution that you can apply in panels. This faux boxwood was even purchased in a used state on eBay for maximum budgeting!

Voila! Vine goals achieved.

Fill in the Gaps

Another great way to make each dollar count is to focus on the projects that matter most. If you have obvious greenery absences in certain parts of your yard, address those areas first. Did a few of your santolina bushes get wiped out in a series of fall downpours? Time to fill them back in!

Did a dwarf yaupon or two perish in last year’s drought? Nothing like filling in the gaps to bring your yard back to life!

Another plant that either thrives or thins out, depending on where it’s planted: Mexican feather grass. Refresh withering greenery with healthy replacements this spring. A photo-worthy yard is just a few plants away…

Make Potted Plants Count

Potted plants are an easy way to have a “cup runneth over” look in your outdoor space. Plus, you can purchase smaller selections and cultivate them into the large plants of your dreams! The succulent below has weathered quite a few storms. It’s on the way to becoming an outdoor table centerpiece!

Try searching local nurseries and gardening shops for sales on pots and planters. The grey planter below is a substantial piece that was purchased for half-off. You can also try painting inexpensive terracotta pots to get the color and look that you desire.

Purchase a Patio Umbrella

If you’re needing some outdoor shade and this isn’t the year to fund a pergola project, consider a patio umbrella. Not only will it add an instant cover (and much-needed relief from the spring and summer sun), it can create a big style statement in your yard.

Keep in mind that many umbrellas go on sale midway through outdoor season. Flag your favorite brands and get ready to pounce when they’re greatly reduced. You’ll have the patio of your dreams by the end of summer!

Create a Gardening Space for the Kids

It doesn’t take a big budget to make the yard a special place for little ones. Whether you carve out a section of the ground for “kids’ choice” plants or you purchase a raised bed, your outdoor gardening efforts don’t have to break the bank. The small gardening trough below was purchased on sale for around $30. It’s freestanding and can be moved to different areas of the yard as needed.

We at Decoist with you and yours a happy, colorful spring in the yard of your dreams!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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