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Building a Modern Family Home on a Small Budget: BDHOUSE

We are often so embroiled in aesthetics, ergonomics and even a dash of luxury that we tend to forget the cost at which all of that comes. For most homeowners across the globe, their ‘dream home’ plans start by figuring out the costs involved. A budget-friendly family home that fits to your specific needs is hard to design, but far from impossible. Crafted by 7A Architecture Studio, the BDHOUSE in Vietnam offers a cool template for couples starting to plan for their first family home; but on the cheap! Moving away from materials like wood and plaster, it is concrete blocks, metal sheets and un-fired bricks that shape this modern-industrial home in a neighborhood with rich industrial heritage.

Industrial style entry with simple Edison bulb lighting

The spacious home across two levels was built within a budget of $20,000 and promises to serve the family with two kids efficiently for the next two decades. For most modern couples, such a home is an absolute dream and helps them save for a future project that is more lavish and offers a dream escape for the second half of their lives! It is the use of concrete and metal that significantly reduce construction costs along with innovative building techniques and a predisposition towards minimalism.

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Creative interior with wooden kitchen station and exposed concrete backdrop
Small and narrow window above the kitchen station brings in natural light
Roofing sheet and concrete create a cheap family home in Vietnam
Pop of yellow brings vibrance to the entry
Patchwork of floor tiles adds color to the interior
Track lighting roofing sheet and concrete blocks shape a stylish entry

Finding a new way to insulate the unique roof of the house that keeps out tropical heat and training local workers to adapt to new construction techniques were the two biggest challenges that architects faced during the execution of the project. The result though is a cost-effective, practical and inventive dwelling that makes life for its residents a whole lot easier! [Photography: Hoang Dung Nguyen]

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Small and narrow window above the kitchen station brings in natural light
Spacious entry with ample seating
Simple duct brings natural light into the cost-effective home
Metal sheet used as railing for staircase
Concrete exterior of the home with wooden door
Concrete blocks and glass shape the exterior of the budget-friendly home in Vietnam
Floor plan of lower level of family home in Vietnam
Upper level of the budget-friendly home in Vietnam

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