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Alooha House: Modern Beach Style Home with Recycled Wooden Décor

Modern beach style allows you to create cheerful, breezy and charming interiors where summer never seems to end! The Alooha House designed by Le Sable Indigo is one such gorgeous home which makes up for a lack of size with its unique ambiance and wonderful use of recycled materials. With the homeowner specifically asking for ‘a low-cost makeover with a surfer’s touch’, it was a careful blend of beautiful pastels, an overload of white, plenty of natural light and recycled wood and rattan décor that set the stage for a dreamy and delightful setting. You are instantly enchanted by the serenity of the home and its unassuming, yet appealing aura.

Charming, light-filled interior of the Alooha House

The living area is uncomplicated in design with a small TV station, a corner sectional in gray and a large floor lamp that snugly sits next to it. Décor is kept to an absolute minimum with lovely collection of vases in turquoise, custom art work and framed images of sand and surf reinforcing the image of a happy-go-lucky life on the beach. Move in further and the kitchen and dining area embrace the template of the living space and the bedroom acts as a personal refuge where all your woes seem to instantly melt away.

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Small beach style living room decorating idea
Small living area of Alooha House in Barcelona
Comfortable gray sectional in the corner
Custom decor for the Aloha House
Recycled wood, bamboo and rattan elements give the bedroom a shabby beach style
Custom wood and rattan furniture for the beach style bedroom
Framed images of sand and surf add to the beach style of the bedroom

Recycled wooden shelves, cabinets, wardrobes and bespoke furniture units make a big difference to the overall atmosphere indoors and also significantly cut down on the makeover costs. Natural appeal of wood and the distressed finishes elevate the shabby-beach-inspired look that homeowner longed for. A transformation that feels tranquil and trendy!

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Framed artwork inside the modern beach style home
Fun decorating elements with beach style
Recycled wooden elements give the modern interior a shabby, beach style-inspired look
Simple shelves made from recycled wood offer ample decorating space
Colorful vases and woven baskets usher in breezy beach style
Curated art work throughout the house grabs your attention

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