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8 Perfect Breakfast Nook Ideas for a Cozy Kitchen

A cozy breakfast nook is an easy way to spend time with your loved ones in the kitchen. If you had one growing up in your childhood home, there’s no way you would pass up having one in your current home.

It’s a great incentive if you’re not a morning person, as it can make you look forward to getting out of bed early. You get to enjoy the sunrise through your window while sipping on a cup of coffee in your PJs. You can also enjoy curling up in that corner and reading your favorite book for the umpteenth time. What about having those beautiful moments with your favorite people over a plate of scrambled eggs? Yes, you can get excited about it. Need some ideas? Here they are:

1. Preloved Bench and Table

Trying to give your home a much-needed upgrade without breaking the bank? This is your best bet. Preloved items are also known as thrift items. Some people have the wrong notion that thrift items are bad products but that’s far from the truth. People stop using items because they now have a better one and not because it’s bad. Buying thrift is one of the easiest ways to get a high-end item for a largely discounted price. It doesn’t have to come as a set as you can have a mix and match that would look perfect placed together. The bench can be cushioned or flat top while the table should be at a convenient height.



2. Empty Kitchen Space

Breakfast nooks are commonly found in corners but if you don’t have one built-in from the scratch, there’s the possibility that you may not have a suitable corner in your kitchen. Not to worry, it is simply a commonplace thing and not the standard. You can have your breakfast nook in any available space in your kitchen. It should of course be a bit far from the stove and should receive a great deal of air. The amount of space available determines the size of tables and benches you would need to get.



3. Breakfast Nook Near Window Seat

A window seat can serve several purposes one of which is being the bench for a breakfast nook. You can have it custom-made or bring out your building tools and get to work yourself. Of course, a DIY window seat is the cheaper option. When building, it is important to note that your seat height should be between 16 to 21 inches if it’s going to be comfortable. You can get a matching table or make the table an accent piece in the room. The beauty of a window seat is the flood of light and much more the view. If what is outside your window isn’t much to look at, you can make some major improvements in that regard.



4. 2-in-1 Low Cabinets

Cabinets come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. They can also come having more than one function. Your cabinet can serve as a storage space and also as a breakfast nook bench. All you’ll need to get is a table. The cabinet set to be used must be low and you can choose to use the top like that or add cushions for a more comfortable experience. This set-up does not only cost less but it also maximizes space.


5. Breakfast Nook with Shiplap Walls 

A picture that might pop up in your mind when you hear of a breakfast nook is a farmhouse or cottage surrounded by a large field of flowers you can view from the windows. This is normal as it certainly gives the same feel. If you’re a lover of farmhouse-style houses, and your kitchen is styled that way, your nook should reflect the same. A shiplap wall is your go-to in this case. It’s the fastest way to create a farmhouse style in any space. Shiplap wood is more expensive than many other kinds of wood but it is still quite affordable. It is easy to install and doing it yourself removes the cost of hiring a professional.



6. Restaurant Booth Inspired Breakfast Nook

Ever been to a restaurant booth? The kind where if a stranger sits opposite you, it feels like an invasion of privacy? Exactly! They can look pretty cool in your home too and cozy enough for a small number of people. You can set the mood with some flower pots and special lighting.



7. Large Family Breakfast Nook Setting

Are you wondering if breakfast nooks are for small families alone? Well, they’re not. The settings you may commonly see indeed look like they are for at most four people, but you can create yours for as many people as you want. One major thing you need to get is a long table. It has to be long enough to accommodate both the bench lining the wall and extra single chairs on the opposite side.



8. Rustic-Styled Breakfast Nook

A rustic-styled breakfast nook is the winner for many people. You get to have benches and tables made from barn wood or aged wood. The cushion for the bench will be made from burlap. This combination will be majorly earthy colors and with attention to the kind of lighting, you can create a warm and cozy space.



As you can see, there is a lot of customization you can make with a breakfast nook. You can decide on how much space it would take, the kind of fabric to use for the benches, and the location of your nook. It will be a welcome addition to your house features and such a cozy and warm space can help to foster good communication amongst house members. Your breakfast nook can be as basic or complex as you want and there’s room for a lot of upcycling and DIY-ing. Don’t overthink your decision to have a nook and get to work immediately. Your morning self will thank you every day for it.

Emmanuel Ojodun

I write for decoist.

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