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Turning It Inside Out: Amazing Brazilian Home Invites Landscape Indoors!

The focus on connecting the interior with the world outside is an increasingly important aspect of home design in the last few years. Connectivity with nature has once again taken center-stage with homeowners wanting to reconnect with all things natural. The gorgeous, spacious and cheerful House in Itaipava designed by Cadas Arquitetura sits in the forested region of the city of Rio and overlooks densely vegetated landscape outside. It was essential that the design of the house flipped conventions on their head and turned the focus towards the views on offer.

Open and modern design of the House in Itaipava with vernacular Brazilian Charm

This was done using an interesting design that employs a series of open walkways, corridors and other outdoor structures to connect different parts of the house. A glass façade ensures that there is ample natural light in the living area, kitchen and dining space. A seamless connectivity between the indoor areas and the garden just outside blur boundaries allowing the homeowners to enjoy both the worlds with ease. The walkways and the shaded regions also provide natural shade to the interior and cut down dependence on artificial cooling systems and keep out scorching hot Rio sun.

Delightful use of wood to create a contemporary home in Brazil
Double height dining room and living area of the modern Brazilian home
Open living area of the house connected with the indoor pool, deck and more
Pool table in the living space is a fun and unique addition
Spacious and slim wooden deck on the upper level with a view of the landscape
Vertical garden and flowering plants bring an additional layer of greenery to the entrance

Wood plays the biggest role in shaping the overall contours of the home both on the inside and outside. Wooden slats filter in sunlight and also improve acoustics of the house. An indoor swimming pool, sauna, library and additional guest spaces complete this exquisite Brazilian residence where colorful accents are kept down to a bare minimum. [Photography: Denílson Machado]

View of the deck and the landscape from the upper level of the house
Wooden structure creates a room-within-a-room inside the spacious Brazilian house
Classic four-poster bed for the modern bedroom with accent wood wall
Covered pool and sauna now become a part of the fabulous interior of the Brazilian home
Cushions and accent pillows bring color to the spacious living room in wood and white

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