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Etched into the Landscape: Dramatic Deep House with Box-type Corner Windows

Challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of what is possible and what constitutes good design, the Deep House in South Korea is all about exploring new frontiers. Designed with care and creativity by architect Homin Kim of poly.m.ur across a period of 6 years, this stunning contemporary home draws your attention with its inimitable silhouette, fabulous use of windows and innovative spatial solutions that shape a room-within-a-room. Effortlessly becoming a part of the landscape, despite standing out visually, the polished exterior of the house is surrounded by lush green canopy.

Unique facade of Deep House in South Korea

The slanted roof of the house is another striking feature that sets it apart from the many mundane homes that you come across. Despite its more modest outward appeal, on the inside, each room of the house is much larger than one anticipates and the exceptional roof design creates airy, light-filled spaces across the three different levels. Box-type corner windows add another layer of intrigue and create micro-environments within each room. Apart from bringing in natural light, each of these windows was specifically crafted to maximize the view on offer while offering top-notch insulation [Photography: Kyungsub Shin]

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Box-style corner windows give the facade a unique look
Box-style corner windows give the facade a unique look
Hidden entrance and garage of the Deep House
Metal and box-like windows shape the facade of the Deep House
Entrance of the Deep House with smart lighting
Terrace of the modern house with innovative roof design
High ceiling and natural light give the interior an airy appeal
Skylights bring natural light into the airy interior

Deep House project was a process of searching creative solutions to work around seemingly conflicting elements such as efficiency and style, function and form and necessity and redundancy. Factors that may seem irrelevant are assigned with critical functions in greater context.

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Corner windows coupled with skylights
Stairway connects different levels of the modern home
Contemporary home pops out visually thanks to the lush green backdrop
Stunning view of the creative South Korean home from above
Ground floor plan of Deep House
First level plan of the Deep House
Second Level Plan of the Deep House
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