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Make the Most of Your Corner Windows

The corner window is a sacred space, especially when a view is involved. Many people who custom design their homes make a point to include at least one of these scenic spots. If you’re one of those lucky people who purchases a home with a corner window already in place, it’s tempting to take advantage of the view. Today we show you how! [from Soldano Luth Architects]

Corner windows of a modern home

By far the most popular design choice for corner window style is the seating area. Who wouldn’t want to curl up with a book while admiring the natural world on the other side of the glass panes? But some of the other uses for corner window spaces may surprise you. Check out the images below, which we’ve rounded up from Houzz for your design inspiration. Enjoy the view… 

Corner Window Seating

An L-shaped space is the perfect location for an L-shaped couch. The white sofa below fits neatly into the corner, making it all-too-tempting to lounge on the cushions while enjoying the view. [from Gaulhofer Windows]

Corner sofa for a corner window

Sofas are great, but so is a pair of armchairs that create a natural conversation spot. Don’t forget the blanket and the pillow for extra comfort! [from Dick Clark Architecture]

Corner window seating

Below we see the benefits of corner seating that includes a table and a lamp. Just because the space is beautiful doesn’t mean it can’t also be functional. [from Abramson Teiger Architects]

Comfy window seating

Two chairs are fabulous, but sometimes one is all it takes. Especially when cushions and pillows make it a plush destination for unwinding (and even napping). [from Gabriel Builders Inc.]

Comfy corner seat

One way to make a chair really count? Hang a prominent pendant light overhead! The Eames lounge and ottoman below are the perfect attention-getting pieces for a picturesque corner, especially when scalloped pendant lighting hangs above. [from John Lum Architecture Inc.]

Corner seating with pendant lighting

Speaking of Eames chairs, don’t hesitate to go with a statement piece in the corner window, especially if the space will showcase only one item. In the room below, a sea view is the perfect backdrop to a curved chair that welcomes visitors with its white cushion for head and neck support. [from Robert Young Architecture & Interiors]

Corner window statement chair

To make a corner window space a true nook, include a lamp, as well as a handy table to hold a drink or a good book. [from Cornerstone Group Architects

Corner window reading nook

Many corner windows feature window seats! In the room below, pillows add comfort to window seating, while storage drawers add function. [from Ryan Group Architects]

Corner window seat

Corner Window Desks

If comfy seating is one of the most popular ways to fill a corner window, desk space is a close runner-up. Who wouldn’t want to be inspired by a gorgeous view while working? [from Bertram Architects]

Modern desk near a corner window

When a corner window desk is built into the wall, it blends seamlessly with the space. The office below welcomes the forest with glass windows that provide a clear, stunning view. [from KUBE Architecture]

Corner window built-in desk

It never hurts to take advantage of the L shape of a corner window! Try placing an L-shaped desk in the spot. There’s nothing like a desk with a view! And plenty of surface space to spread out… [from Fiorella Design]

L-shaped corner window desk

Corner Window Plants

Chairs. Desks. Plants? Absolutely! When window space is too small for a chair (or when you want the view to speak for itself), a plant is the perfect accent for the spot, as shown in the room below. [from Fiorella Design]

Corner window with plants

In a crowded room, a simple statement like the Dracaena in the next image can be the perfect accent, especially against the backdrop of tall draperies. [from Logan’s Hammer]

Corner window potted plant

In the bedroom featured in the next image, we see two bedside tables, as well as a plant on a stand in the corner window area. Note how a petite plant stand can hold its own without overpowering the space, even with a bedside table inches away. [from Square Three Design Studios]

Potted plant corner window

Creative Corner Window Features

For our last group of corner windows, we feature spaces that throw in a dash of the unexpected. For example, why not install a corner window in the shower? If the window is high enough, you get the best of both worlds: privacy and a great view! [from Maydan Architects]

Corner window shower

Why not use the space for a luxury tub? Curtains are optional if your only neighbor is the natural landscape outside. [from Sutton Suzuki Architects]

Corner window bathtub

A corner window in the kitchen can be the perfect place to display collectibles such as ceramics and vases. Unite the pieces with a common theme or color, such as the white hue that unifies the display below. [photo by Whit Preston via Houzz]

Corner display window

If your corner window is in the stairway, hang a stunning pendant light from the ceiling to juxtapose interior art with exterior magnificence. [from Cornerstone Group Architects]

Amazing lighting in a corner window

Our last image is an important reminder that the exterior of your corner window is every bit as important as the interior. Don’t forget to embellish it! If you don’t overlook an ocean or a forest, create your own “forest” with a series of tall potted plants. Instant view! [from Ali Arshad Associates

Corner window with exterior plants

Do you have a corner window in your home? How have you made the most of this space? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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