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Books, Art and a dazzling Hallway of Mirrors: Contemporary Tribeca Residence

Everyone wants something different from their home. A lot of it depends on available space, your budget, personal and preferences. The last two often end up shaping the aesthetics of your house more than the ergonomics. And they definitely are the key elements that transform a house into a home! The Tribeca Residence designed by Engberg Design & Development is a fabulous New York home where three features stand out from all others. The first is the brilliant series of floor-to-ceiling custom bookcases that surround the dining area.

Gorgeous rift white oak wall panels bring warmth and contrast to this Tribeca home

The bookcases also form the doorways leading into the dining space and the kitchen and their impressive presence steals the spotlight in a room that also contains a polished rosewood dining table, beautiful chandeliers and lovely decorative pieces. The kitchen in white with wooden cabinetry feels understated while the living area with cozy rift white oak paneling on the walls stands out from the other rooms. The second striking feature in here is the mesmerizing hallway with closets that feature antique mirrored doors. A walk through this space should put a smile on your face instantly!

Walls draped in rift white oak, natural light, comfortable modern decor and eclectic wall art create an engaging living space
Bookshelves from floor to ceiling surround this contemporary dining area while also creating doorways
Dark kitchen island, unique dining table and custom bookshelves bring sophistication to this New York home
Finding that special decorative pieces and classic wall art for your modern home
Lighting mirrors and the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves create a dramatic New York home

Finally, we have the brilliant curated art work that is displayed throughout the home – with a few select pieces gracing the living room and bedroom walls while the small home office is filled with a brilliant range of photographs and art pieces. Natural light, a neutral color scheme and comfortable modern décor put the final touches on this New York residence.

Visually stunning hallway with closets that feature antique mirrored doors
Beautiful and relaxing bedroom of the Tribeca home with white backdrop and eye-catching, colorful wall art
Beautiful and relaxing bedroom of the Tribeca home with white backdrop and eye-catching, colorful wall art
Small home office with platform bed and beautiful framed photographs and art pieces all around!
View of the modern kitchen with space-savvy design, chevron pattern wood floor and oak cabinets

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