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Earth, Sea and Sky: Bohemian Style Meets Nature

If you follow current design trends, you are well aware of the growing interest in bohemian style. Eclectic and earthy with a definite ’70s influence, the look ranges from feminine to a more minimalist approach. Today we shine the spotlight on modern boho style, especially decor that celebrates nature. Rocks, plants, the ocean and the night sky are sources of inspiration for this branch of bohemian design, and a strong geometric influence can be seen as well. Below you will find a roundup of products that celebrate the look with unique flair.


Let’s begin with the earth itself, specifically elements such as minerals and plants. Urban Outfitters’ Natural Fluorite Chime will add a modern boho vibe to your favorite window or corner. Strings of fluorite are bound together by a loop, creating a whimsical display of crystals.

Fluorite chime from Urban Outfitters

Also from Urban Outfitters is this Himalayan Salt Lamp, which puts a retro-modern spin on boho style. A wooden base and an attached cord anchor the lamp and allow you to plug it into a nearby outlet. Try switching out the bulb with a colorful replacement to add an interesting glow to your interior at night.

Himalayan salt lamp from Urban Outfitters

We now move from salt to sand! UncommonGoods’ Deep Sea Sand Art is an ever-evolving landscape (or shall we say “sandscape”) that transforms right before your eyes. From deserts and mountains to clouds and rain, this interactive piece created by Klaus Bosch is a true work of art:

Sand art from UncommonGoods

From rocks to vegetation, let’s turn our attention to Urban Outfitters’ 4040 Locust Trees From Below Tapestry, which features striking trees in a dramatic image that brings the forest to your interior:

Tree tapestry from Urban Outfitters

For a woodsy addition with a warm glow, check out UncommonGoods’ Nordic Tea Light Trough. The piece can’t help but evoke Scandinavian winter style, yet its earthy presence will be right at home in boho modern interiors as well:

Tree tea light holder from UncommonGoods

This Botanical Orb from Urban Outfitters preserves a real plant inside of an acrylic sphere. Group it with a terrarium for a double dose of flora!

Botanical orb from Urban Outfitters

Is there anything more boho modern than a geo terrarium?! This terrarium pod from Etsy shop Jechory Glass Designs is crafted from hand-cut double-strength glass. With your purchase, you also receive a tiny air plant, a small bag of ivory sand, glass pebbles and shells:

Geo air plant terrarium from Jechory Glass Designs

We end this section of the post by reveling in the boho magic that results when an air plant is placed on a gold-dipped quartz crystal. We’ve seen air plants on crystals before, but the gold accent is a fabulous finishing touch! Purchase one of your own through Etsy shop Air Friend:

Crystal air plant garden from Air Friend


From Earth to sea, let’s now celebrate decor that pays homage to the ocean and its creatures. This beach tapestry from Urban Outfitters features a design by Guido Montanes. When placed on the wall, it creates a dynamic window to the ocean:

Ocean tapestry from Urban Outfitters

There’s something enticing about this ocean print from Etsy shop The Modern Trend. Super affordable at $5.60, the piece is printed by you (either at home or at your favorite print shop):

Ocean print from The Modern Trend

What happens in the ocean after hours? The plankton come out to play! This Bioluminescent Mini Aquarium from UncommonGoods features glowing plankton called dinoflaggelates. If you keep the aquarium in indirect lighting during the day, the plankton will glow at night when the water is delicately swirled. It’s a neon sea!

Bioluminescent aquarium from UncommonGoods

On a similar note, Urban Outfitters’ Glow-In-The-Dark Glass Jellyfish Decor brings a hint of fluoro style to the room of your choice, thanks to an illuminating display of sea creature style. By day, this glass object is serene (available in blue or pink), and by night…well, check out the photo below!

Jellyfish paperweight from Urban Outfitters

Sea glass makes a big impact in this sun catcher/mobile from Etsy shop Crystal’s Sea Glass Creations. Incorporating sea glass mostly collected on the shores of Lake Eerie, this work of art is boho and breezy at the same time:

Sea glass mobile from Crystal’s Sea Glass Creations


Let’s turn our attention to the sky, beginning with the cheerfulness of puffy clouds. Urban Outfitters’ Chelsea Victoria for DENY Delicate Duvet Cover is soft like the clouds in the big blue sky. Bring an ethereal quality to your sleeping space…

Cloud bedding from Urban Outfitters

From the daytime clouds to the nighttime sky, it’s about to get cosmic! This Magical Thinking Cosmo Clouds Tapestry from Urban Outfitters features a galaxy print on lightweight cotton. Gaze at the night sky from your couch or your bed, depending on where you hang it:

Cosmic tapestry from Urban Outfitters

Put a celestial spin on your gift wrapping endeavors with this Galaxy Wrapping Paper from Etsy shop Norman’s Printery. The best part: you get 12 sheets, two of six different designs! Anyone else tempted to frame one or more of them?!

Galaxy wrapping paper

Moon art is a major design trend, with crescent moons and moon phases being of particular interest. This crescent moon wall hanging from Etsy shop Bohemian Harvest cleverly arranges wooden hoops in a lunar formation, topping it all off with cotton cord:

Crescent moon wall hanging

Etsy shop Moon Berry’s moon phase digital print is enchanting with interesting colors and heavenly stars:

Moon phase digital print from Moon Berry

Round up jewelry and other treasures in this Crescent Moon Catch-All Dish from Urban Outfitters. A sleek wooden form adds earthy, modern style to your space:

Wooden crescent moon dish from Urban Outfitters

Bring the night sky indoors with Urban Outfitters’ Crescent Moon String Lights, an LED solution to whimsical evening lighting:

Crescent moon lights from Urban Outfitters

There’s no need to focus on earth, sea or sky… Combine these elements throughout your interior for a geo-natural take on boho style!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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