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The Benefits of Using Mirrors in Home Decor

A good mirror is a staple accessory that has the power to transform a room. The reflective surface creates the illusion of a larger space, which benefits compact rooms. Using mirrors is one of the tricks interior designers use to make a room look more airy and spacious. Want to make a decorative mirror work for your interior style? Let’s learn how!

Makes a statement 

A stylish mirror is an underestimated decor accessory that can make a big statement. An oversized mirror grabs attention in your living room, becoming the main focal point. A unique design or a bold frame contributes to an outstanding design that brings visual interest. And a mirror gallery wall creates a gorgeous accent in a living room or a home office.

Photo Credits: Studio McGee

Creates the illusion of a larger space

Designers love mirrors because they make the space look visually larger. A floor-to-ceiling mirror makes a small bedroom appear more spacious. In addition, it adds visual volume to a narrow entryway.

Photo Credits: Studio McGee

Lightens the room

The reflective surfaces emphasize any natural light, dispersing it through the space. A strategically placed mirror will maximize the natural light if your home looks dull and cramped.

Photo Credits: Brownstoner

Adds texture

A mirror not only brings playfulness with its shape but also adds texture. Mixing different finishes is a secret trick designers often use to achieve a fine balance. The shiny surface contrasts with any rough and unfinished natural textures, which adds that designer’s look to the room. We can envision a glossy mirror over a solid wood console table complemented with a wicker basket.

Photo Credits: Living Etc

Versatile wall decor

A mirror can fit into various styles and color schemes. Designers look at the shape, size, and frame to find a mirror that works for a specific interior style.

A mirrored wall is a refined feature that brings sophistication to modern farmhouse homes, while an ornate frame adds nostalgia to a traditional style. And let’s not forget how a unique mirror with a wooden frame complements a stylish living room.

Photo Credits: Pexels

Anchor your decorative vignette

Do you feel like your mantel is missing something? If the shelf above your fireplace looks empty even though you put effort into curating a decorative vignette, try to connect the accessories with an arched mirror. It sets the perfect background for layering other items like candlesticks and books.

Photo Credits: Terravista Interior Design Group

Emphasize accent objects 

A mirror can highlight a decorative object and put it in the spotlight. Whether it’s fine artwork or antique furniture, a mirror shows its beauty and unique features. Try displaying some statement items in front of your mirror. 

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