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Beach House Interior Design Ideas From Modern to Rustic

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer? The beach. If you have a beach house, that’s a plus because you can spend more time getting that ocean air with undiluted cinematic views of the ocean waves. To make your summer vacation even more unforgettable, your beach house interior has to be on par with the beach sights so you get to enjoy a relaxing ambiance out on the beach and indoors.

You may not be an interior decorating guru but that doesn’t mean your space has to look drab. You’re on a vacation, so it should feel like one. How about some inspiration to spark your creative side to life? We have a lot of interior design ideas for you to check out. After seeing them, you’ll want to upgrade your beach house.

Turquoise Accent Wall

When you tell people to describe the beach, turquoise is one color that comes up all the time. This is because the ocean is sometimes seen to be that color. You can never go wrong with adding turquoise to your beach house color scheme. Give it a turquoise accent wall? You can then keep the living room furniture and accessories in neutral colors for a good blend.

Turquoise accent wall for beach house
Beach house turquoise accent wall
Pinterest/Elle Decor


White-themed Living Space

Beach houses come in different sizes and sometimes sizes can determine the decor style used. White-themed living space is a good choice to make a small beach house look bigger and more spacious. If you’re worried about getting stains on the white surfaces, the chances are less since you don’t stay in your beach house all year round. When it comes to decorating the rest of the house, the color options are many but we recommend sea-inspired colors. If you’re going for a light and airy feel, you can decorate with neutral colored pieces.

White-themed interior
White-themed living space


Seaside Inspired Backsplash

Backsplashes are great for keeping your kitchen walls clean and in good shape but they can do more than that. They are an important part of the kitchen decor as they are usually the focal point of the kitchen when used. With this knowledge, you already know how they can come to play in your beach house. For your beach house kitchen, choose a seaside-inspired backsplash. They can be made with mosaic tiles, seashell tiles, sea murals, and themed wallpapers. You should use cleanable backsplashes.

Sea-inspired kitchen backsplash
Seaside-inspired kitchen backsplash


Rustic Bathroom Storage Unit and Mirror

Rustic decor styles are of different types but there’s one that combines rustic elements with coastal pieces. Rustic decor involves using distressed wood. For your beach house interior, distressed wood can be used to make a bathroom storage cabinet and also the frame of a full-length mirror.


Rustic Bathoom Storage Unit and Mirror
Pinterest/Chans Furniture


Wooden and Woven Surfaces

Around the beach, you can spot wooden and woven lounge chairs and tables. This is why whenever you see a woven surface, it reminds you of the beach. You can do the same with your beach house. Fill it with wooden and woven surfaces that will keep you reminded of where you are. Those lounge chairs are usually quite durable and are built for relaxation.

Wooden and woven living room chairs
Wooden chair and woven beach hats


Rooms with Sand and Turquoise Decor

A combination of sand and turquoise color is a great way to bring the beach indoors. These colors go well together and can be used on your wall, furniture, and other decor pieces. It is common to see turquoise chosen to be the accent color.

Room with Sand and Turquoise Decor
Pinterest/Coastal Home Paige


Sea-Inspired Chandeliers

Chandeliers can easily be the focal point of living spaces. To give your space a beach vibe, consider buying a coastal chandelier or you can DIY one with seashells and other beach finds.

Sea-Inspired Chandeliers


Shelf for Beach Keepsakes

Everyone knows that beach finds have sentimental value. If you can have a shelf for trophies, awards, and books, you can also have a shelf for beach keepsakes. Your keepsakes can be anything you find on the beach that means something to you. It can be seashells, a collection of tiny seashells, sea glass, a glass jar of beach sand, and even pebbles. The shelf should be wooden and if you can get an antique one, that’s even better. Invite anyone to your beach house and you can tell the story behind each of your finds.

Shelf for Beach Keepsakes


Dining Area Facing The Ocean

Having a beach house with an ocean view is such luck. The ocean is enough beauty in itself. While it is not an interior decoration per se, it’s a beautiful sight to behold while in the house, so it counts. While having breakfast or lunch, you can watch the ocean waves and observe people engrossed in their beach activities.

Dining with ocean view
Dining area with a nice view of the ocean



Bedroom with Antique Wooden Furniture 

You can decide to give your beach house an antique touch. One easy way to do that is to add antique wooden furniture. Start with your bedroom to be sure you like the decor idea. Choose an antique wooden bed frame and an antique dressing table.

Antique Wooden Furniture
Pinterest/Dynamic Home Decor


Bedroom with Accent Pillows

You can be a fan of neutrals but for your beach house decor, you might need to add a pop of color. An accent piece is a way to add color without overpowering the neutrals. You can decide to go for accent pillows in your bedroom. Color options for you can be turquoise or coral.


Bedroom with Accent Pillows
Pinterest/Home Decor Ideas


Like your main house, your beach house interior also needs to be paid much attention to. If you’re going to enjoy your time on the beach to the fullest, start thinking of which idea you’d like to replicate in your house.

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