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Inventive New Scavolini Composition Combines Bathroom with Laundry Space

Looking for ways in which you can cut back on wastage of space even while freeing up a tiny room that might serve as your new home office, guest space or even just a cozy, relaxation nook? Combining the laundry room with the bathroom is a great start and even those who have limited space to spare in the bathroom can now give this idea a shot. Designed by Idelfonso Colombo for Scavolini, Laundry Space is an ingenious composition that blends Scavolini’s best contemporary bathrooms with smart shelving and hidden storage units for your washing machine, dryer and iron board to offer the best of both worlds.

Rivo bathroom combined with ingenious laundry area to create best of both worlds

Each of the composition borrows elements from already popular Scavolini bathrooms like Auqo, Idro and Rivo among a host of others. These dashing, contemporary bathrooms are seamlessly coupled with carefully placed units, wall-mounted shelving and the patented Fluida Wall System to house laundry room units and to create space for a dedicated wardrobe. This clever blend of various modular units allows homeowners to compose the bathroom / laundry room of their dreams without sacrificing on functionality or worrying about wastage of space.

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Corner wall shelves and cabinets coupled with laundry space
Fluida wall system combined with refined bathroom setting and smart laundry space
Hidden ironing space inside the contemporary bathroom
Light-filled bathroom and laundry space composition
Wardrobes and storage racks are combined with the bathroom and laundry space hybrid
Wood brings warmth to the polished contemporary bathroom and laundry space

All the washing and cleaning elements of a hassle-free laundry room now can be found within your bathroom and that dedicated laundry area in your home can be used in a much more productive fashion. An astute arrangement that oozes synergy and style!

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Laundry Space combines the bathroom with a contemporary laundry room
Modular units on wheels for Laundry Space and bathroom
Refined contemporary bathroom that also hides laundry space
Scavolini’s Idro bathroom in gray becomes the template for this Laundry Space Design
Cabinets with glossy finish and nifty laundry units create Idro themed Laundry Space
Laundry Space designed by Idelfonso Colombo for Scavolini

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