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Loft Branco: Backyard Office and Guest Space with Gabled Metallic Roof

Putting a previously neglected space in your home to good use saves both on resources and time. An old housekeeper house in the backyard, Loft Branco was turned into a smart backyard office and guest space by Play Arquitetura with sweeping changes that altered it both on the inside and outside. Nestled on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the main house here was completely left unaltered while it is the rear new addition that makes a big impact with its revamped form. The gabled roof of the new office space mimics that of the main house even as white, metallic tiles on the outside borrow from its aesthetics as well.

Gabled roof gives the interior of the office a spacious appeal

Large glass windows and doors open up the east and west ends of the office to the world outside with complete transparency even as they bring in a flood of natural light. On the inside one sees a neutral color scheme with a bright pastel pink couch making a big visual impact. A series of shelves along with wooden cabinets adds to the storage space of the interior while additional spaces like the bedroom and kitchen allow one to easily turn the home office into a guest area. [Photography: Gabriel Castro]

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Housekeeper house turned into a gorgeous and light-filled office and along with guest area
Large glass windows offer visual connectivity with the outdoors
Pastel pink couch and ample shelving for the office interior
White metallic tiles cover the exterior of the backyard office

Unlike the main house, where the main openings face north and south, in this annex, the glazed openings face east and west, and the facades covered with tile, face to the main house and the neighboring house, providing greater privacy for all.

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Home office that can be easily turned into guest quarters
Design plan of Loft Branco with smart design
Turning the old housekeeper house into a office
Front view of Loft Branco

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