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Healthier Lifestyle: Gorgeous Atriums Create a More Cheerful Home

If there is one thing that the global pandemic that we are currently facing taught us, then it is that a healthier lifestyle includes the right amount natural light and connectivity with nature as well. In the urban landscape, opening the rear section of your house to create a beautiful outdoor hangout is not always possible. In multi-level residences, bringing natural light into the lower levels is also a constant issue that demands creative spatial solutions. Solving both these conundrums at the same time is the modern atrium. Yet, there is nothing revolutionary about these breezy spaces that were first a part of ancient Roman architecture.

Vintage wooden panels and awesome patterned tiles bring color and uniqueness to this modern atrium

Modern atriums have evolved with contemporary homes and today, an atrium is much more than just a large light well that sits at the heart of the building. Atriums offer multiple advantages and come in a wide range of shapes. From those that sit in the entryway just next to the staircase to ones that define the floor plan of the house itself – this is a look at some of the best atriums around and how your home can be improved with one.

Atriums in Modern Homes

Atriums were a common feature in ancient Roman buildings, but over time, they have definitely lost their prominence. Traditional homes in India, China and other South East Asian countries also had an atrium as a compulsory part of the house and all the rooms inside were built around this central, open area. Demands on space and new architectural methods have pushed this feature to the background even as rear decks, gardens and patios took over. But people are once again starting to recognize the value of an atrium – a central area that brings the outdoors inside even as it offers ample privacy. In modern residences, innovative ideas like a hexagonal atrium have pushed traditional design barriers to reinvent spaces.

Small atrium brings light both into the bedroom and the home office on the other side [From: Proto Homes]
Innovative hexagonal atrium of Japanese home brings light into 12 rooms across three different levels
Simple and elegant atrium in wood with Scandinavian style and sliding glass doors
Find an atrium design that fits in with the style and ventilation needs of your house

Indoor-Outdoor Living with Privacy

We did touch upon how not all homes can afford to have a rear garden. The reason for this is not always space alone. In cities and suburbs, the proximity of neighbors means privacy must be sacrificed to create such outdoor areas. In case of the atrium though, you can bring the relaxing outdoor hangout inside and it becomes a part of the living room, dining area or even the kitchen. Of course, not all atriums are the same. But even in the smallest one, there is space for a couple of chairs and a modest coffee table!

Gorgeous central atrium of 46-square meter home in Vietnam creates smart indoor-outdoor living area
Atrium of contemporary LL House in Argentina offers a light-filled, private refuge
Entryway atriums need not be limited to a traditional design that demands four walls!
Even a small atrium can make a big difference inside the modern home [From: Klopf Architecture]

Green in More Ways than One

Many modern atriums are filled with greenery and understandably so. This improves the quality of air in your house and gives it an eye-catching, vibrant backdrop. But take a view beyond it and you will realize that the atrium also saves energy by cutting back on lighting needs during daytime as there is no shortage of natural illumination now. Atriums were primarily designed to improve air circulation and this automatically enhances passive heating and cooling ability of your home; once again altering power consumption dramatically!

Beautiful white kitchen with dark framed glass wall in the backdrop and a delightful atrium
Fabulous contemporary atrium at the entrance fills the space with light while also adding greenery
Atrium inside Sand Francisco home brings natural light into every room of the house [From: John Maniscalco Architecture]
Atriums are a common feature in many mid-century modern homes [From: spf architects]

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