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Smart Spatial Design: Nifty Apartment Units Find Space Inside Heritage Building

It takes vision and courage to break away from monotony and to try out something new and audacious – both in life and design! Moving away from the constraining boredom of urban apartment units, SODA Apartments conjured up and brought to life by Gresley Abas Architects definitely take you down the less trodden path. Nestled inside a heritage building in Northbridge, an inner suburb of Perth, these 13 creative and space-savvy apartments offer refreshing and exclusive living spaces where ergonomics and aesthetics come together seamlessly.

Modern apartment units inside heritage building Down Under

From the modest 52 square meters to the more generous 142-square-meter apartments, every unit inside this revamped building has a charm of its own and showcases smart spatial design. The façade of the building itself is preserved and given a new sheen in white, gray and colorful graffiti! On the inside, it is a neutral color scheme coupled with open plan living areas, comfortable bedrooms and minimal bathrooms that set the mood. Some of the apartments also bring home eco-friendly goodness thanks to vertical living walls and generous decks filled with greenery.

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Gorgeous copper pendant lighting for the kitchen island
Balcony with smart living wall connected with the living area
Exposed brick wall sections and windows preserve the classic appeal of the building
Refined modern interior in white and gray
Lower level bedroom with periscope window of the living space
Space-savvy and minimal bathroom with corner sink, vanity and medicine cabinet

A particularly interesting feature of the 2-story apartments inside the building is the way in which the living rooms occupy the upper floor while the bedrooms are snugly hidden on the lower level. Periscope-style custom windows connect the two levels visually with the overall flow of light being left unhindered. A truly exceptional makeover that challenges the rigid perceptions that surround urban apartment design… [Photography: Dion Robeson]

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Street art adds color and freshness to the facade
Street facade of the revamped heritage home decorated with graffiti
Gray, white and graffiti shape the street facade
Elegant makeover of heritage building
First level and second level floor plan of the building
Third and fourth level floor plans of the revamped heritage building

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