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Sensationally Sculptural: Daring Lounge with Glazed Roof and Edible Garden

A modern lounge that links two traditional, heritage structures that are part of a beautiful Melbourne home is hardly the place where one would expect to see something as Audacious as the Wheat House. Designed by Damian Rogers Architecture, the sculptural silhouette of this dashing lounge stands out instantly even as the street façade of the house is left largely undisturbed. The glazed roof with metallic edge brings the greenery around the spacious lounge and the outdoor deck inside even while keeping out the hot sun.

Abstract glass and metal structure connects two existing buildings
Abstract glass and metal structure connects two existing buildings

The smart extension with the glazed roof also features a roof section that holds an edible garden. Giving the structure green credentials even while keeping the ambiance inside cool and pleasant, the roof garden offers multiple array of benefits. Linking the living area, kitchen and dining along with additional bedrooms on one side with the master suite, deck and reading room on the other, the glassy lounge provides the perfect transition zone between public and private spaces. Allowing the homeowners to enjoy the outdoors even on a hot, summer day, filtered sunlight and ever-changing shadows alter the visual appeal of the extension throughout the day.

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Geometrc design of the glass and metal roof
Sculptural roof design of the lounge connecting two different buildings
Unique design of the glazed roof brings the landscape inside with ease
Plush couch and colorful rug for the glassy lounge
Open living with glass and green roof is a showstopper
Rusted metal finish of the wall ushers in color and contrast

Despite its seemingly daring form, the innovative extension feels perfectly at home in the more traditional backdrop with aging metallic finishes and unassuming décor completing the open interior. [Photography: Alessandro Cerutti]

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Black brings sophsitication to the home library and sitting room
Stackable folding doors of the lounge room connect it with the greenery outside
Wooden deck of the Melbourne home filled with greenery
Rooftop garden of the dashing new addition for the Melbourne
Street facade of the Melbourne home covered in greenery
Floor plan of Wheat House in Melbourne
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