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Step into the Apartment of Superman – Colorful Zest Meets NYC Panache

Ever wanted to step into the home of Superman? No, we are not talking about his more secluded and otherworldly getaways. We want you to take a step into the less-talked about apartment of Clark Kent inside the Standish building in Brooklyn Heights. Early versions of the Superman comic had Clark Kent living on the fifth floor of this famed apartment and that is just where we find this revamped and reinvented home that was extensively improved by Matter. The new interior feels fresh, minimal and contemporary with white shaping the backdrop in every room.

Custom-made leather sofa by Matter created for the NYC apartment living room

In the living room a custom-made sofa in leather steals the show and a fabulous brass pendant hangs above. It is additions like the drapes in teal in the living room and the wall art pieces in the dining area and the bedroom that add color to an otherwise neutral space. In the dining room a fabulous wooden table that has tubular legs grabs your attention while marble is the material that shapes the kitchen surfaces and the backsplash. An even layer of ambient lighting ensures that there are no dark corners anywhere while the original, large windows add to the sense of spaciousness.

Fabulous wooden dining with barrel legs and the wall art piece in the backdrop make the biggest impact
Interior of the fabulous Brooklyn’s Heights apartment is both minimal and cozy at the same time
Look inside the revamped apartment of Brooklyn Heights
Marble backplash, counters and brass accents create a unique and fabulous NYC apartment kitchen
Monochromatic kitchen in white is filled with luxurious finishes and marble surfaces

The same theme continues in the bedroom as well with a minimal bed in wood, white backdrop and brass accents creating a refined and relaxing space. A corner workspace and floating shelves complete this apartment that could so easily be the home of superman! [Photography: Robert Granoff]

Space-savvy home office in the corner with a floating desk and minimal design
Wall-mounted shelf and brass combine to create a fabulous corner workspace
Wooden bed for the contemporary bedroom in white with an air of minimalism
Curated art work and brass fixures add glitter and color to the minimal NYC apartment
Curated art work and brass fixtures add glitter and color to the minimal NYC apartment
Glass shower area of the modern bathroom in white and wood
Sherry Nothingam
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