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A Green Façade: Distinct Double-Story Porch Greets You at Zambeze

A versatile building that was designed to make the most of the scenic views of the Cumbaya Valley and to accommodate a family that required four separate yet largely identical apartment units, Zambeze is exceptional in more ways than one. Designed by Juan Pablo Ribadeneira Mora, the home’s distinct façade sets it apart from its neighbors, as the double-story porch for the two top-level duplex apartments gives the structure an inviting green tinge. Making the most of the views on offer while planning for adequate privacy, the Apartment Building Zambeze performs a delicate balancing act.

Apartment Building Zambeze by Juan Pablo Ribadeneira Mora

The distribution of the apartments across the four levels was done by placing one on the first floor, while two duplex apartments occupy the second and third floors. A fourth apartment is accommodated on the top level, with each individual apartment having its own outdoor lounge and porch that extends the living area outside. It is cast-in-place concrete and artisanal bricks that give the interior a modern industrial appeal, even as they usher in ample textural beauty. With a wood screen at the front that hides the parking and entrance, there is plenty of contrast at every turn. [Photography: Lorena Darquea]

Front facade of teh building combines unabated views with ample privacy

View of the Cumbaya valley from the top level of the apartment building

Hexagnal floor tiles bring contrast to the interior

Tom Dixon pendant lights illuminate the industrial modern dining room

Cast-in-place concrete ceiling and beams are left exposed iniside the apartment

Artisanal brick gives the home a unique, individual look

Important design details are the spaces creating tension on the side facades. These spaces help transition materials and divide volumes when they change in height. These height variations happen as the building responds to the positive gradient of the hill.

A look at the interior of the Apartment Building in Ecuador

Fabulous combination of brick, glass and concrete at the Apartment Building

Stunning views of the valley from the shaded outdoor living area

Transitional spaces help divide volumes and create ventilation

Apartment Building Zambeze at night

Every level of the house is built to support greenery

Double story porch shapes the street facade of the house

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