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Karma HQ: American and Dutch Design Mixed with Scandinavian Simplicity

A loft-style office that paints a picture of playfulness and heavy industrial flair is undoubtedly the most popular choice among budding firms looking for new headquarters. Whether it is on the coast of California or in the heart of New York, major global brands like Google are also responsible for the growth of this trend where the office space seems less and less like a rigid and restrictive space. Gone are the days of boring cubicles, and epitomizing this trend even while creating its own unique style is the Karma HQ in New York’s effervescent Little Italy. Designed by FormNation, the light-filled office combines American and Dutch design influences in a stylish and contemporary fashion.

Colorful logo of Karma stands out visually thanks to the relaxing backdrop

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Spread over 7500 square feet, the breezy office moves away from the strict industrial theme that the place dictated and adopts a style that is a blend of modern American design and classic Dutch influences. A tiled blue and gray walkway sits in the middle of the open office area that holds 40 desks, along with a war room, conference area, relaxation zones and also a spacious lunch space. The lunch zone is unique to the Karma office, as its employees all have lunch at the same time each day and go for a little walk to enjoy their coffee each afternoon. (Something borrowed from Dutch traditions)

Fabulous pendants add to the lighting inside the office

Smart home office in New York's Little Italy combines casualness with ergonomic design

Tin ceiling and open interior create a spacious and cheerful office

Scandinavian design influences help shape a stylish and serene modern office

Blue and gray floor tiles create a smart and elegnat pathway

Dutch American design shapes modern office of Karma in Little Italy

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Lovely walkway and plush sofas create a relaxing environment inside the office

Look at the meeting room of the Karma HQ from the workspaces

Handmade pendant lights, smart sliding glass doors and the custom tin ceiling in all its glittering charm ensure that the office is as well-lit as possible. Despite its neutral color scheme, pops of orange enliven the large interior, and one finds a brilliant balance between work and relaxation areas inside this fabulous New York office. [Photography: Garrett Rowland]

Tom Dixon pendants fit in with the cool style of the smart office

War room of the Karma office with Tom Dixon pendant lights

Space for relaxation inside the Karma HQ

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Smart arrangement of desks creates a vibrant workspace inside the Karma HQ

Modern meeting room design inside the home office

Meeting room of the Karma office with sliding glass doors

Plan of different zones inside the Karma office

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