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Adaptive Reuse Turns an Automobile Warehouse in Austin into a Dashing Café

There is nothing better than utilizing something that is old and discarded and transforming it into a useful, modern setting – a transformation that saves both energy and resources. Turning an unused automobile warehouse into a gorgeous café with modern industrial flair, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture went down the adaptive reuse path, giving East Austin a brand new hangout. The existing outline of the old warehouse has been kept intact with a sturdy steel frame and a gabled roof giving the cafe, roastery, and training facility a striking silhouette. But there is much more to the Greater Goods Coffee than meets the eye!

Fabulous Greater Goods Coffee in Austin, Texas

Translucent polycarbonate panels and wood give the interior a bright and airy visual appeal while ushering in ample warmth. Wooden planks covering the walls and the floor bring warmth to a café that is otherwise largely stoic because of its industrial heritage. Inside, the centrally placed bar has been split into different sections to encourage more interactivity between the customers and the baristas.

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Street facade of Greater Goods Coffee
View of the exterior of the warehouse turned into modern restaurant and cafe
Sweeping interior spaces and hangouts encourage interaction between guests
There is no lack of light inside this lovely cafe
Wooden planks give the interior a warm, modern appeal
Revamped interior of the old warehouse makes for a lovely cafe and hangout
Spacious and engaging bar area design

Wooden framed polycarbonate panels not only bring in natural light, but also ensure that every part of the café feels fresh and modern. Smart sitting niches and sweeping social areas along with a hint of greenery complete a makeover that is sensible, smart and makes the most of existing resources while giving the neighborhood a fabulous place to rest and recharge. [Photography: Chase Daniel]

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Gabled roof of the structure provides more space indoors
Look inside the modern cafe and roastery converted from old automobile building
Polycarbonate panels and industrial lighting inside the cafe
Facade of the cafe and training facility with a modern industrial vibe
Floor plan of Greater Goods Coffee in Austin, Texas

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