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From Discarded Factory to Modern Home: 40sqm of Cheerful Delight in Moscow

When the authorities in the city of Moscow wanted to provide additional housing options for an expanding urban population, they turned to the old ‘Danilovskaya Manufactory’, which once sheltered a bustling industrial hub. The many buildings in the region also offered the perfect chance for designers to showcase their creativity while offering homeowners a chance to own a piece of history and heritage in the form of remodeled loft homes. This particular ‘small wonder’ was designed by the ingenious folk at Au Room for clients who wanted a relaxing second home and hangout in the capital.

Compact living space and kitchen of the industrial apartment in Moscow

The elegant loft apartment occupies just 40 square meters, and the designers stayed away from using any internal partitions to give the tiny apartment a more spacious look. One of the natural niches in the apartment houses the chic bedroom with a large window next to it, while the small bathroom is the only space that is separated from the living zone using walls. The living room-kitchen area is one large, extended space with a brick wall backdrop, trendy shelves and cabinets that add contemporary gloss, and decor that is all about saving space and multitasking.

Old factory holds a small modern loft apartment in Mocow

Small loft apartment in Danilovskaya Manufactory, Moscow

Glossy modern kitchen cabinets stands in contrast to the brick wall backdrop

Industrial style lighting and a wooden table for the small dining space

Cozy fireplace in the corner, modular sofa and ample natural light shape the small living zone

Sleek floating shelves and TV stand for the tiny living room with brick walls

White floating shelves for the brick wall

The kitchen cabinets, open floating shelves in the living room and the movable modular sofas give the apartment the touch of modernity it needs, while the backdrop reminds us of its industrial past. Carefully chosen decor, and unassuming minimalism mixed with practicality that is inherent to industrial design define and shape this apartment that is both cozy and classy. A perfect example of how even the tiniest of spaces can be transformed into a trendy home!

Small industrial bedroom idea

Contrasting textures for the tiny bedroom nook

Unique accessories give an eclectic charm to the industrial bedroom

Making use of corner space in the bathroom to the hilt

Industrial and contemporary styles meet inside tiny Moscow bathroom

Contemporary glass shower area for the tiny bathroom

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