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25 Yellow Rug and Carpet Ideas to Brighten up Any Room

Yellow nuLOOM Luna Marrakesh Trellis wool rug from Overstock

There’s nothing quite like adding yellow to a room for a brilliantly bright and cheery look. And a carpet or an area rug is just the way to do it! You might be surprised to see just how versatile a yellow rug or carpet can be — especially if you go for golden or mustard hues that contrast well against dark or neutral-colored shades. Not only can it add a much needed pop of color to a dreary room, but it can also serve as a great focal point too. Feeling skeptical about it? I don’t blame you, and I never thought I’d ever consider a yellow carpet or rug, but browsing through some of the following ideas could change anyone’s mind about it!

Trellis Vibes

Yellow Moroccan-style trellis rugs are a popular trend, even though you can get them in almost any bright color you want. Rugs USA has them, but you could probably find them anywhere else that sells rugs. A few different living rooms from Young House Love and the Happier Homemaker show how you can pair dark furniture with the rug for a striking contrast, and a couple bedrooms from 346 Living and HGTV even shows how it can brighten up some already very bright, white bedding.

Yellow trellis rug from Rugs USA
Yellow rug in living room
Yellow area rug with ottoman
Yellow trellis rug brings some much needed color to a living room
Yellow trellis rug brightens up white bedding
Simple yellow and white rug to brighten up a bedroom

While the white bedroom does indeed work well with the yellow trellis carpet, here’s an opposing example from Apartment Therapy of how a bedroom painted in dark purple can still work with it!

Yellow rug in purple bedroom

Okay, this isn’t really a rug or carpet but I had to include it! Fenton and Fenton features this gorgeous dark room with floors that have been painted with yellow Moroccan-style designs to resemble a carpet, or possibly even a tiled look. Neat idea, right?

Yellow painted floor rug to resemble rug (or even tile) design

Circular Like the Sun

While a circle rug that’s yellow doesn’t necessarily have to represent the sun specifically, it’s still a nice shape to bring a little sunny design into your home. The round natural fiber nuLOOM rug from Overstock works great for a small dining area. Alternatively, this doily rug sold on Etsy brings some traditional elegance to a home. And lastly, Babble shows how an area rug with sphere shapes can separate a nursery area in a master bedroom.

Round yellow nuLOOM rug from Overstock
Yellow doily rug
Yellow spherical rug separates a shared bedroom space

Abstract Swirls

If you’re going to use yellow to add some color to your rug (and your room in general), then why not go all the way and make it even more interesting with some more abstract designs? Swirls, for example, are always interesting to look at. Overstock has this modern disco rug that looks gorgeous in a white or neutral room, or this yellow Donnie Ann rug with black swirls for a darker look! The Boo and the Boy even shows you how you can make a swirly yellow rug work in a nursery.

Yellow nuLOOM handmade modern disco rug from Overstock
Yellow Donnie Ann abstract rug from Overstock
Yellow swirl rug used in nursery

More Geometric Shapes

Rugs or carpets are great for taking advantage of lots of geometric shapes in your design. This gray living room from Lare Doute doesn’t look so gray with that amazing rug! Project Nursery shows a similar color scheme, but uses a chunky striped rug instead!

Yellow and gray rug adds a subtle pop of color
Yellow and gray nursery

Yellow is such a fun color to add to children’s rooms. Here’s another striped rug (with white this time) from Lay Baby Lay that looks adorable with the pink walls and accessories.

Yellow and white striped rug for children’s room

Zigzagging Fun

We’ve covered circles, swirls, triangles, and stripes. But with a color as fun as yellow, we can’t leave out zigzags! This rug from Rugs USA uses large yellow and white zigzags, while this similar selection from Project Nursery has smaller zigzags that are more closely spaced together.

Yellow Radiante Nuo Chevron Ikat rug from Rugs USA
Yellow zigzag rug used in nursery

Traditional Designs

So, maybe all these wacky designs and geometric shapes aren’t exactly your style. There are still some really classy looking rugs you can get for that traditional, contemporary feel. This vintage yellow nuLOOM rug from Overstock has an aged look that still retains some of its brightness.

Vintage yellow nuLOOM rug from Overstock

There’s also this mustard rug with a matching sofa in a green living room from Decoholic that brings a nice warm feel to the overall room.

Mustard rug and sofa for a warm theme

Okay, how about some more bright colors with that already bright yellow? This stunning vintage yellow-golden rug from Etsy will be sure to make a big, colorful statement in your home.

Gorgeous vintange yellow golden rug

Plain and Bright

With all the designs you can get your yellow carpets or rugs in, sometimes a plain one is all you need. Take a look at how great it looks in this colorful living room Brazilian design site Casa.com.br.

Plain, bright yellow area rug in colorful living room
Plain, bright yellow rug separates living room from dining room

For Smaller Spaces

Who ever said your yellow rug has to take up entire room? Check out this gorgeous example from Marcus Design Inc. for a hallway. You could also use a very small rug to bring some cheery color to your laundry room, like Lil Luna did.

Yellow hallway rug on dark hardwood flooring
Small yellow rug for laundry room

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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