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Porch Furniture Ideas for Design Lovers

If you caught our recent post on patio furniture ideas, you know we’re shining the spotlight on outdoor seating options this month at Decoist. The post was filled with outdoor furniture sources, as well as specific pieces for sale. Yet today’s post is all about design inspiration! We’re featuring 10 stunning outdoor spaces that are packed with fabulous porch furniture ideas. Enjoy them, celebrate them, and let them inspire your next porch design project…

Outdoor Living

Let’s start with outdoor living areas, as the porch is often a great space to set a up a sofa, chairs, and a table or two. Below we see a lovely porch filled with upholstered furniture, as well as a coffee table and a side table. Ceiling fans overhead guarantee a refreshing breeze on the warmest of days. [photo by Karyn Millet Photography, from Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design

Comfy porch outdoor living area

Remember that your porch should reflect your personal style. You can use it as an extension of your indoor style, or you can take the space in a different direction for variety. There’s something fabulously tropical about the beach house porch of fashion designer Laurence Dolige, shown below. We’re loving the L-shaped bench! [featured at Lonny]

Tropical porch and outdoor living area

This Boho-meets-Scandinavian porch is filled with comfy touches and beautiful pieces. A covered porch provides an opportunity to showcase nicer furnishings than an open patio, but you may still want a backup plan (such as furniture covers) should heavy rain occur. [photo from Lonny]

Upholstered furniture on an outdoor porch

If your style is modern, keep seating and tables clean-lined and sleek. Sometimes light and airy is the way to go! Plus, the fewer frills, the more you can draw attention to the beautiful natural surroundings, especially if you have a view like the one below. [photo from Demetriades & Walker]

Modern furniture on a farmhouse porch

Pay attention to special touches, such as sconces, artwork and potted plants. Sometimes it’s the finishing touches that make the biggest impact! In the next image, we see a vintage photograph on the porch of Molly Sims. [featured at Lonny]

A bench provides excellent outdoor seating

Outdoor Dining

Next we shine the spotlight on outdoor dining areas, which are often found on porches with an abundance of space. A trestle table, folding chairs and benches fill the photo below. Check out the way the dishware coordinates with the cushions on the benches along the railing! [photo from Summerour Architects]

Lovely outdoor dining area with a trestle table and folding chairs

Once again, we see a trestle table, this time surrounded by Salt Chairs from Design Within Reach. Note the presence of modern elements, such as the industrial-style fan overhead. A stainless steel sink adds practicality and style to the porch. [photo by Whit Preston Photography, from Rauser Design]

Outdoor dining area on a farmhouse porch

Whether you’re creating a living area or a dining area, remember that there’s no rule saying just because the space involves the outdoors, the furniture has to be wicker or metal. If the porch is covered and screened in, you have more flexibility with the type of furniture you purchase. Stick with pieces you love, and honor your style. We’re loving the interesting modern touches in the sunroom below, including the metal sculpture and the metal furniture legs. [photography by Christopher Barrett and Bruce Van Inwegen, from Wheeler Kearns Architects]

Chic modern outdoor dining area on a screened-in porch

Outdoor Sleeping

We end today’s post with a reminder that the porch is the perfect space for a nap! There’s a reason they call them sleeping porches, after all! For an interesting twist, try suspending the bed, as shown by the one-of-a-kind custom-made bed below. When this bed isn’t being utilized, the frame can be pulled up into the ceiling. [photography by William N. Fish, from Old Hampshire Designs Inc.]

Suspended bed on a screened-in sleeping porch

If you do include beds on your porch, you can use the bedding to express your style. Choosing vibrant hues is one popular option, especially for those warm weather months when nature is blooming with color. For example, you can go with shades of aqua to evoke the feel of the ocean. [photo from Starr Sanford Design]

Sleeping porch with bright bedding

Did any of the porch furniture above catch your eye? Tell us about your favorites by leaving a comment below…

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