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Eberl Residence: Organic Fusion of Rustic Beauty and Modern Luxury

Few things help you relax and rejuvenate like a tranquil day or two in the lap of nature as you leave behind the constant rush of urban life. The exquisite Eberl Residence by Barrett Studio Architects located in the picturesque and woodsy landscape of Evergreen, Colorado seems to provide the perfect backdrop that nature lovers dream about. Draped in natural stone and wood, the exterior of this lavish residence exudes timeless woodsy charm and dreamy magic. Yet the interior combines this traditional setting with the comforts of a modern lifestyle to deliver the very best of both worlds!

Gorgeous Eberl Residence in Colorado combines tradition with modernity

Despite the modern ergonomics, the materials used and the aesthetics remain firmly entrenched in the unique, traditional style that is native to the state. An open flowing living area, a large kitchen with a V-shaped island and the formal dining space give you a glimpse into the ease with which contrasting design elements meet inside this generous home. The exterior of Eberl Residence is no different, as the line between the captivating natural landscape around the house and the extravagant outdoor lounge is blurred by a cloak of greenery. Transcendent lighting, sizzling fireplaces and fire pits, and snaking walkways complete the pleasing residence.

Cabin style meets modern comfort inside the lavish Colorado home

Traditional kitchen with modern storage and cabinets

V-shaped kitchen island with wooden cabinets

Dining area with wine storage and a unique lighting fixture

Large portrait and grand piano bring elements of classic design to the woodsy mansion

Innovative and colorful way to decorate staircase landing

Exquisite outdoor patio with stunning views of the woods

Landscape around the homemelts into the exterior deck creating a seamless fusion

This home exemplifies what I call Living Architecture, which is essentially learning from the living and natural systems with which we are seamlessly intertwined. The intent of living harmoniously is returned to the forefront of the art and the act of building.

– Principal Architect David Barrett

Natural walkways and canopy offer perfect cover for the relaxing Evergreen home

Stone pathway and wooden exterior of the fabulous Eberl Residence

Natural stone and timber shape the lovely Evergreen Retreat

Sweeping entrance of the rustic retreat in stone and wood

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