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VF House: Enigmatic Rio Residence Shaped by Eclectic Decor and Bold Choices

We often talk about how interior design and decorating are all about showcasing your own personality and style while incorporating the season’s hot trends. It is a balance between the timeless and the fleeting with a good dash of ingenuity! Capturing this design ideology to perfection is the exquisite VF House in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Presenting its own unique take on contemporary style, the vibrant interior of this home is filled with intricate details, curated decor and an eclectic appeal that is both playful and refined at the same time.

Black kithen area demarcates space without using walls

Designed by Studio ro+ca, it is the kitchen that defines the overall appeal of this small setting with its dark, minimal look. Offering the perfect backdrop that is sophisticated and catchy, it presents a lovely contrast when viewed in relation to the more relaxing living space that is draped in neutral hues. A plush couch in white is probably the least imaginative of all the furnishings, as the dining table in bright yellow, round coffee tables in the heart of the living room, colorful rugs in pastel pink and blue, and quirky dolls turn a seemingly normal home into a pure visual treat!

Sleek, minimal contemporary kitchen in black

Dark backdrop and pops of color create a unique living area

Eclectic mix of decor for the living room and kitchen

Large display and storage unit in white for the living room

Plush couch in the living area of the VF House

Small dining space in the kitchen with a pedastal dining table in bright yellow

Interesting and playful decor choices shape the VF House

Surfboards in the corner usher in a subtle coastal touch that is an inherent part of Brazilian culture, while a small reading nook with a relaxing chair, a side table and a lovely floor lamp complete the delightful living zone. Brick and cement walls, a glossy tiled backdrop in the kitchen and polished contemporary surfaces come together marvelously, turning this Rio home into a distinctively memorable hub!

Three small side tables combined to create coffee table zone

Small living space design with ample color and creativity

It is the finer details and acceessories the give the VF House its unique look!

Gorgeous and sleek reading nook with flooor lamp

Surfboards in the corner add native Brazillian charm to the interior

Beautiful coffee table decorating ideas with a plsu purple ottoman next to it

Giving your living room a sparkling personality with eccentric accessories

Modern bathroom in white with a brick wall

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