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1918 Hollywood Craftsman Bungalow Gets a Curated, Eco-Friendly Makeover

The success of the adaptive reuse of materials and the appeal of restored historical structures have inspired an increase in the number of abandoned old factories and homes being turned into modern residences that have an aura of their own. Located in West Hollywood, this Craftsman bungalow was abandoned during the Great Depression and has since undergone plenty of wear and tear. But when travel enthusiast Seth Resnik uncovered it, he saw the hidden potential this 1918 building held. In his attempt to turn this deserted, gloomy setting into an inviting and exciting modern home, he turned to Sarah Barnard of Sarah Barnard Design.

Cozy fireplace in the living room with twin chairs

With some careful planning, plenty of work and a few innovative design solutions, the interior designer was able to transform this forsaken setting into a modern delight that is generously topped off with Midcentury modern decor! The exterior of the house retains much of its traditional look, but a new skin in lovely blue gives it a breezy coastal charm. A gorgeous hallway with gallery walls welcomes you indoors and instantly showcases the distinct flair. Many of the authentic details and features such as the original brick fireplace in the living room were preserved and restored with great care.

Gallery walls create a beautiful  entry with initing warmth and color

Formal dining area with world travel souvenirs in the backdrop

Natural materials like recycled beer bottle kitchen countertop used in the kitchen renovation

Original artwork adds to the appeal of the classy kitchen

Lovely home office with smart organization and plenty of natural ventilation

Statue from Jamaica in the dining room

Beautiful living room with Midcentury Modern decor

Apart from the relaxed ambiance, the use of natural materials (like the recycled beer bottle kitchen countertop and the pebble rocks in the master bathroom) gives the elegant renovation an eco-friendly twist. Natural ventilation, curated wall art, exclusive sculptures and a splash of cheerful color in shades such as orange and teal give this once-disowned home a vibrant new lease on life!

Modern bathroom in teal blue inspired by the Caribbean Sea

Bathroom walls come to life with a poster of documentary made by legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau!

Gorgeous blue shapes the exterior of the renovated Hollywood Craftsman bungalow

Before Shots of the Abandoned 1918 Bungalow

A view of the living room before the stylish renovation

Interior of the abandoned Craftsman bungalow before a modern renovation

A look at the kitchen before renovation

Turning a 1918 abondoned home into a modern delight - Before Shots

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