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14 Dreamy Italian Kitchens Laced with Refined Traditional Charm

In a world dominated by sleek, glossy artificial surfaces, a kitchen that is draped in wood is indeed a welcome sight. It also offers an inviting refuge for the entire family and quickly transforms into the heart and soul of the modern home. Coming from the house of Scavolini are two such refined yet classic kitchens that will bring a hint of old world charm while delivering unparalleled modern ergonomics. Dubbed Madeleine and Amélie, these elegant kitchens are perfect for those who wish to turn back the clock and enjoy the simplicity and warmth of the traditional Italian kitchen!

Green ash wood adds color and class to the exqusite Madeleine kitchen range

At their heart both Madeleine and Amelie expound principles of simplicity, clean design that relies on straight lines, and a world that revels in the splendor of wood. While Madeleine comes in two different versions that offer Line and Soft doors, Amelie is a Raffaello Pravato design that fuses modern modularity with classic form. Both the kitchens are available in a wide variety of finishes, hues and compositions, and you can even bring together different wall units and islands to craft a custom kitchen that fits the specific floor plan of your home.

A splash of brilliant yellow for the traditional kitchen

Exquisite modern kitchen inspired by old country style

Elegant and classy line door design gives Madeleine its timeless appeal

L shaped kitchen design with spacious worktops, central table island and wall units

Madeleine combines classic Ialian kitchen design with contemporary ambiance

Design of the hood belnds in with the shelves next to it

Exquisite kitchen from Scavolini in Chestnut Wood with modern aesthetics

Fitting in with styles that range from retro and vintage to farmhouse and traditional, both of these kitchens come with smart wall-mounted shelves and lovely cabinets that make the most of the available space. Be it the specially crafted grates, railings and handles or the majestic hoods that blend in with the shelves that surround them, every little detail inside these Scavolini kitchens will leave you spellbound!

Stylish wooden shelves shape the classic Italian kitchen

Glass front shelves and highly modular units shape the beautiful Amélie

Modular shelves and wall units shape the contemporary classic kitchen

Cozy and refined kitchen design adapts to the floor plan of the home

Traditional design of the glass-door units makes them ideal for the vintage kitchen

Walnut version of the Madeleine kitchen with its smart, space-saving shelves

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