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Christian Street House: Brick Walls and High Gables for This Modern Home

On first glance you would be tempted to believe that the lovely Christian Street House in Clayfield, a beautiful suburb of Brisbane, Australia, is a historic home that has been recently renovated. Yet, this exquisite residence was designed by James Russell Architect in 2014, and its engaging brick walls and sweeping high gables aim to bring a touch of vintage charm to what is an ergonomic modern home. The unique façade of the home and its distinctive roof were shaped as much by the landscape as they were by the sunny subtropical climate of Queensland.

Elegant brick structure gives the home a unique exterior

With its back buried into a rolling hill and its entrance opening up towards the east, the home soaks in early morning warmth while staying cool and pleasant for the rest of the day. Timber, concrete and clay were the main elements used in shaping this home, and one can see that a lovely blend of contrasting textures graces each room without actually allowing any sense of monotony to set in. Large glass windows bring in plenty of natural light, and the living area along with the kitchen and the dining room open up into the backyard to provide a seamless indoor-outdoor interface.

Entrance to the Christian Street House by James Russell Architect in Queensland

Modern Christian Street House constructed using brick, timber and concrete

Open dining space that leades into the landscape outside

Timber used to shape the unique interior of the Aussie home

Use of clay and brick gives the interior natural protection from harsh summer heat

Lovely kitchen island design combines the classic with the modern

Brick wall brings unique texture to the bedroom

Sliding glass doors connect the brick wall bedroom to the backyard

A journey from the street can take you across the patio, down outdoor stairs and around the garden to meals, living and water. The boys can sneak in from the street via a grungy service lane; they can come and go independently. Their rooms have a more public side to the garden and gathering. Solar energy features and locally sourced brick and clay make the home more sustainable and cost-effective…

Eames coat hanger adds a touch of Midcentury beauty to the brick and timber home

Long corridor with workspaces and storage options

Elements of brick wall make their way into the modern bathroom

Wooden bathroom vanity with marble countertop

Floor plan of the first level of the elegant Aussie home

Floor plan of the second level of the Chistian Street House

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