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Decorative Bedroom Hacks for Minimizing Dust

The more people and pets that spend time in a particular room of your home, the more dust that’s bound to collect there. Dust mainly comes from dead skin, hair, fabric fibers, dirt brought in from other rooms or from outdoors, and the mites that thrive in all sorts of warm, cushy areas. Controlling the amount of dust that collects in the bedroom can be quite a challenge given the fact that it’s the room where you dress and undress for the day, store your clothes, and sleep for several hours every night. While regular cleaning and vacuuming is a must, here are a few other tips you should consider when designing your bedroom to help keep the dust to a minimum.

Skip the Carpeting

Dust mites thrive in carpeting, so if you can avoid it, go for any other flooring option so mites can’t build a home from it. Hardwood, laminate, tile or any other material that’s hard and smooth are ideal for easy sweeping and wiping down. Check out some of these beautiful bedrooms from HGTV that look gorgeous without any carpeting at all!

hardwood floor bedroom 1
Interesting tile work makes it unnecessary to have an area rug or carpet
hardwood floor 6
Dark hardwood floors make it easy to sweep up any dust
hardwood floor bedroom 3
No carpeting makes floor cleaning a breeze

Choose Furniture with Hard or Smooth Surfaces

Just like with carpeting, dust will cling more to anything that’s covered in fabric. If you’re going to have upholstered furniture in your bedroom, go for something that’s easy to wipe down, or choose pillows and cushions that can be removed and washed. These leather chairs from HGTV are perfect for easy cleaning, and this chair dressed up a bit with an accent pillow from The Animal Print Shop is a good example of how you can incorporate textiles without going overboard.

leather chairs 7
Furniture made of material that’s easy to wipe down helps with dusting
leather chairs 4
Leather is a great dust-free option when it comes to choosing furniture
The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose.
Use pillows and cushions that are removable from furniture and ideally washable to help prevent dust

Avoid Unnecessary Clutter

Clutter never looks good, and it just makes it harder for you to clean when it’s time to dust. These bedside tables from HGTV are great examples of keeping accessories simple on flat surfaces in the bedroom.

bedside table accessories 10
Bedside table with just three items to keep it clutter free
bedside table accessories 9
The less stuff you put on flat surfaces, the easier it will be to clean
bedside table accessories 8
You can still create unique, decorative looks when keeping accessories to a minimum

 Store It All Away

Once you’ve decluttered your bedroom of all those little nicknacks and accessories, it’s time to either get rid of them or store them away where they can’t collect dust. Think furniture pieces or storage solutions with drawers, cupboards, bins, boxes, or anything else that hides stuff from being out in the open. This unit from HGTV is a great example of how to keep stuff out of the way, and this bed from Pure Home has built-in drawers for extra added storage to any bedroom. When it comes to storing electronics, you could also try a dresser, which always looks appropriate in a bedroom, like this one from Hooker Furniture.

storage 5
This fold-out desk unit is perfect for storing away office supplies and stationary to avoid dust
storage bedroom 11
Try using the space under your bed for extra storage using drawers or bins
storage 12
Any furniture pieces with drawers or cupboards make great storage solutions in a bedroom

Go for Minimalist Design

The less surfaces and edges there are in your bedroom, the less cleaning you’ll have to do. A minimalist bedroom design is perfect for anyone who is serious about dust and allergen prevention. These bedrooms from Home and Decor have a super clean and simple look that you can take inspiration from.

minimal 1
A minimalist bedroom makes it easy to clean when dust collects
minimal 2
Less furniture and accessories in minimalist design means less things to clean
minimal 3
Keeping accessories to an extreme minimum makes it harder for dust to find places to settle in more permanently

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