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20 Charming Brick Patio Designs

Brick patios add instant charm to outdoor spaces. Whether you use actual bricks or brick pavers, the result is a neat arrangement of pieces to create the perfect setting for lovely evenings in the outdoors with the ground firmly under your feet. Check out the eye-catching ideas below, and visit our post on paver patios for even more design inspiration!

Brick Patio Style

Brick patios often exude charm, and they’re the perfect addition to plant-filled spaces, as shown by the secret garden-style patio pathway below. [photo by Jeffrey Totaro, from Hanson General Contracting, Inc.]

Charming brick patio path

They’re also the perfect counterpart to lush green lawns, as shown in this next manicured space. The patio was built with 1940s brick that was found on site! [photo from Richard Kramer Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers via Houzz]

Brick patio beside a manicured lawn

Traditional outdoor spaces often feature brick patios, which are lovely staging areas for curved furniture and potted plants (such as ferns). If you’re curious about installing your own patio, check out this brick patio DIY from Lowe’s:

DIY paver patio from Lowe’s

Another helpful DIY brick paver patio tutorial can be found at ehow. Brick is the perfect choice for small patios, and there are a variety of brick patterns you can choose from when it comes to getting the job done (more on brick patterns in the next section).

Brick paver patio DIY from eHow

While many brick patios boast a more traditional style, there are plenty that veer into modern, Bohemian and eclectic territories. In fact, the eclectic brick patio below is filled with eye-catching details and Asian flair. [photo from Lonny]


Brick patio with Asian eclectic style

Brick Patio Patterns

Since bricks are small pieces in terms of landscaping materials, a range of patterns is possible when it comes time to lay the bricks. Below you will find a few of the most popular, starting with the jack-on-jack pattern by the pool. Note the neat rows, with one brick directly above another. The result: a sense of space and tidiness. [photo from Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group]

Jack-on-jack brick patio design

When the bricks are side by side but also staggered from row to row, you have a running bond pattern. In the next image we see an example, thanks to a patio that creates a lush vibe with the help of ample plant life. [photo from Small Home Love]

Running bond brick pattern for a plant-filled patio

When the bricks are two by two, and each set of two alternates direction, you have a basket weave pattern. We see the perfect example below on this Beverly Hills patio that’s filled with charm. Let’s hear it for awnings and striped cushions! [photography by Meghan Beierle-O’Brien, from Smith & Firestone Associates]

Charming Beverly Hills patio

The herringbone pattern is a very popular choice, and in the next image is an example of the pattern on an eclectic patio with a dash of Midcentury flair. In the section that follows, we’ll learn more about herringbone patterns. And to learn more about all of the patterns mentioned today, head on over to this Lowe’s tutorial[photo from Lonny]

Brick patio with a herringbone pattern

Herringbone Style

What do we love about the herringbone pattern? Plenty! For one thing, the pattern is perfectly on trend, and it can be found in indoor spaces as well (on both walls and floors). [photo from Patio Choices]

Herringbone patio design

The curved patio below features a herringbone pattern, and it’s lined with bricks to create a border that stands out while remaining cohesive. [photo by Evelyn Hockstein, from NY Times]

Small backyard with a brick patio

This poolside patio might seem to be herringbone at first, but take a closer look and you’ll see a basket weave brick pattern. If you love the angled look of herringbone but you want a pattern that features a two-by-two brick layout, this could be the solution for you. The patio features a lighter brick, which contributes to the breezy vibe and summer feel of the space. The perfect place for lounging, this patio even features privacy plants for added coolness and shade. [from Lonny]

Poolside herringbone patio

A herringbone layout can create a textured look, especially if the brick has a weathered appearance. The outdoor dining area below exudes an atmosphere of relaxed elegance. [photo by Patrick Cline, from Lonny]

Brick patio courtyard

Rocking chairs adorn this next featured patio, which offers the perfect lounging spot, thanks to a beautifully arranged space featuring an abundance of plants. [photo by Mark Pinkerton, vi360, from Casa Smith Designs, LLC]

Brick herringbone patio with rocking chairs

When you line a herringbone patio with bricks in a darker color, visual interest is created, and clear borders add depth to the space. [photo from AMS Landscape Design Studios]

Herringbone patio near an outdoor fireplace

Circular Patterns

Brick patios with circular patterns create a subtle bullseye effect that can be charming or quite intriguing, as shown by the modern patio below. The center of the patio is a clear focal point, especially if you’re lucky enough to get an overhead view! [photography by Anthony Crisafulli, from New Eco Landscapes]

Patio bricks in a circular pattern

Varying the size of the bricks can add additional interest, and a variety of subtle tones create a sense of depth. [photo from My Yard Rocks!]

Circular brick design adds style and flair

Decoist’s own Thalita Murray installed a patio with a circular pattern using brick pavers. See all the details of her backyard makeover at her blog The Learner Observer:

Patio makeover from The Learner Observer
Patio makeover from The Learner Observer

Getting Creative

We’ll end today’s post with a couple of patios that illustrate the power of creativity, especially when mixed materials are involved. The wooden deck below is bordered by a brick patio and pool area featuring a basket weave pattern. The combination of wood and brick is a breath of fresh air. [photo from Lonny]

Brick patio beside a wooden deck

And in this last image, we see a small outdoor space that incorporates both brick and Safari Sandstone to designate different areas and create a sense of roominess. [photo by Michael Lee, from Ben Herzog Architect, PC]

Brooklyn patio of brick and Safari Sandstone

When it comes to brick patios, which materials and patterns do you prefer? Light brick or dark brick? Side-by-side bricks or a herringbone pattern? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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