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Villa Pecatu Bali: Exotic Blend of Natural Beauty and Modern Comfort

Few tropical destinations in the world match the stunning islands of Bali both in terms of natural beauty and an array of luxury retreats that will transport you into a world of opulence. This well and truly is the ‘land of Gods’ and you will feel like one as you meander through its amazing array of dense forests and pristine beaches. Located amidst the hills and beaches of South Bali is the gorgeous Villa Pecatu, which combines the charm and ergonomics of contemporary design with unique local Balinese architecture and cultural aesthetics to craft a remarkable and relaxing home.

Street facade of the gorgeous VIlla Pecatu in Bali

Designed by Wahana Cipta Selaras, the intriguing residence has an open design that blurs the line between the interior and the green landscape that surrounds the house. Each space flows into the next with open pavilions, living spaces and sweeping wooden decks extending the living area outdoors in an eloquent fashion. It is stone, wood and an array of indigenous local materials such as rattan and bamboo that shape the lovely, inviting home. A warm color palette, earthen hues and ample natural lighting ensure that the ambiance is both cozy and cheerful.

Stone and wood shape the elegant home in Bali with sea views

Central courtyard of Villa Pecatu filled with greenery and indoor pool

Pool area of the lavish private villa in Bali surrounded by natural greenery and wooden deck

Unique design of the pool area offers ample privacy

Breezy walkways connect the interior of the Bali Villa with the generous landscape outside

Rattan cover on top offers ample shade for the spacious walkway

Stone walls shape the open living room of the Bali home

Formal workspaces and dining areas are interlaced with features such as the opulent outdoor Jacuzzi, pool table in the family room and lovely lounge areas to create a balance between vacation and business styles that the home intends to evoke. The entire villa was built taking into account the captivating backdrop, and its design ensures that its footprint is kept to a minimum. Creating a harmonious synergy between contrasting design styles and elements, this is a getaway that offers the best of both worlds!

Intricate wooden shelves add to the beauty of the living room

Family room with pool table next to the living room

Concrete walls bring industrial, minimal beuaty to Villa Pecatu

Pendant lighting replaces the traditional bedside lamps in the bedroom with panoramic views

Outdoor Jacuzzi on the wooden deck of the luxury home in Bali

Exquisite lighting enlivens the stylish villa in Bali after sunset

Natural materials and smart indoor-outdoor interplay define elegant Bali home

Stunning Villa in Bali blends contemporary and traditional design elements

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