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25 Coffee Tables on Wheels to Roll in the Good Times!

Does your living room have a truly extraordinary coffee table that sets the tone for the rest of the room? If not, then maybe it’s time to ship out that old, boring coffee table and replace it with a cool, new find that is both unique and versatile. A coffee table on wheels comes with a world of advantages, and it definitely is a lot more exciting than those traditional, stationary ones that seem to go nowhere in terms of style and personality! If you like to put a fun little spin on your decor, today’s collection is one that you will instantly fall in love with.

Lovely use of color in the living room [Design: Manuel Sequeira Architecte]

A great coffee table makes its presence felt while blending in with the theme and style of the room. With a recent increase in industrial style, putting casters on decor has become a bit of a ‘favorite pastime’ for homeowners and designers alike. From kitchen islands to coffee tables, everything is now mobile and adaptable! So jump in on this breezy trend and enjoy the benefits of a remarkable coffee table.

Usher in Reclaimed Style

How about combining two hot trends and using reclaimed and upcycled materials for your new, custom-crafted coffee table on wheels? This really is the best way forward, and as the inspirations below showcase, you can turn everything from tree trunks to vintage trunks collecting dust in your attic into a stunning coffee table. Use your imagination and take a trip to your nearest flea market to find an old decor piece that will fit in with the style of your living room, and then add those casters to transform it completely.

Tree trunks transformed into ultra portable coffee and side tables [Design: Schwartz and Architecture]
Custom coffee table with storage space! [Design: Andre Kleynhans Interiors]
Contemporary living room with neutral color scheme [Design: Susanna Cots]

Small old tables, unused factory carts or even old gym lockers can be turned into functional and gorgeous coffee tables with a bit of creativity. Use items that have nostalgic value, instead of just trying to ape a design that you have stumbled across. Even if the mobile coffee table does not match the theme of the room, it still will hold its own as a statement piece that steals the spotlight!

Coffee table brings a touch of vintage charm to the living room [Design: Geremia Design]
Castors added to an old trunk turns it into an awesome coffee table [Design: Kootut murut]
Pops of bright orange enliven the industrial living room [Design: Studio One-Off Architecture & Design]
Industrial living room with a relaxed, trendy vibe [Design: Les Collections Dubreuil]
Small coffee table on wheels for the Scandinavian home [From: Louise de Miranda]

The Rustic Warmth of Wood

Wooden pallets and DIY coffee tables with wheels is a match made in decor heaven! Crafting these ingenious coffee tables is both easy and requires very little skill. Even if you do not have wooden pallets lying around, you can simply use sheets of plywood to craft a snazzy coffee table that will serve you both indoors and on the porch outside. Since you are strapping some wheels on to the coffee table, it can easily be moved around while redecorating, or if you need to free up some space in the living area for a party of four.

Chic living room with soothing ambiance and crate coffee table [From: Louise de Miranda]
Coffee table on wheels can be easily used in other rooms as well [From: Dyanne Wilson Photography]
Ingenious coffee table on casters in the eclectic living room [Design: Esther Hershcovich]

Pallet coffee tables work well with a wide variety of styles ranging from the rustic and the eclectic to the modern and the minimal. Make sure you pick the right wood and use a finishing that matches the overall appeal of the living room. Using reclaimed wood for a coffee table on wheels is another designer favorite that is topping the trends chart right now.

Modern living room in gray with pops of yellow [Design: Studio Morton]
Reclaimed factory cart turned into a fabulous coffee table with industrial style [From: The Old Painted Cottage]
Gorgeous wooden coffee table on wheels can be easily crafted at home [Design: Stephen Fletcher Architects]
Trendy coffee table on casters crafted from wooden pallets [Design: Walter Barda Design]
Rustic living room with a mobile coffee table [Design: Miller Architects]

Making a Refined Move!

Coffee tables on wheels are not just for those who love a splash of rustic, vintage or industrial style alone. There are plenty of designs out there for those who want a fabulous coffee table that is contemporary and urbane. Whether you are looking for one that has a cool glass top or a more stoic coffee table made of concrete on wheels, you can pick from a wide and inspired range that offers something for everyone.

Tiny coffee table on castors in the Scandinavian living space[Design: Ras-A inc]
Minimal coffee table on wheels for those who love understated class! [Design: blackLAB architects]
Scandinavian living room with glass coffee table on wheels [Design: Gosto Design & Lifestyle]

Even the most formal of living rooms can benefit from a nifty coffee table on casters that ends up becoming a great conversation starter. While some offer the bare minimum, others come with cabinets and even secret compartments that allow you to tuck away any mess. So next time you think about redecorating your living room, move away from the ordinary and embrace these wheeled delights.

Swan chair and concrete cocktail table in the living room [Design: FORMA Design]
All-white living room with minimal decorating style [Design: Dana Shaked Interior Design Studio]
Cha-Cha Concrete coffee table steals the show! [Design: FORMA Design]
Sleek coffee table on wheels fits into the living room style perfectly [Design: Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture]
Midcentury family room with a trendy coffee table [From: Andrew Snow Photography]

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