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Exquisite Holiday House with Scenic Sea and Mountain Views

A small seaside hill with a rugged coastline on one side and tall mountains on the other, a vantage point that lets you soak in the panoramic landscape and a gorgeous holiday home with an air of breezy elegance; the Castle Rock House in Auckland, New Zealand plays host to a truly memorable summer! Designed by Herbst Architects as a dedicated holiday home that is only used in summers, the lovely structure in stone and wood is open to the rugged landscape outside. With two covered platforms that hold the outdoor dining area, barbecue corner and a relaxing lounge, the emphasis here is firmly on the captivating views outside.

Lovely holiday home in Auckland with Sea and Mountain views

Part of the vacation retreat is built into the knoll, and this gives it natural ventilation while offering ample privacy. The bedrooms and the living area showcase this sensible balance between unabated views and undisturbed solitude, even as the extensive decks with large, swiveling wooden doors and slats allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of a warm southern summer. Unique black stained rain-screen cladding gives the home its distinct look, and timber plays an important role in defining the cozy, inviting interior as well.

Stone and wood shape the stylish New Zealand holiday home

Wooden exterior of the lovely summer house with sea views

Outdoor pavillion with large wooden doors that offers unabated sea views

Outdoor dining space under pergola with stunning sea views in New Zealand

Living area of the Castle Rock Home in New Zealand

Design of the ceiling and large windows bring in ample light

Wood also plays a pivotal role in the curated decor choices, as color is kept to a bare minimum inside the lovely escape. Of course, with such a spellbinding backdrop, one hardly needs any additional color to brighten the setting! The mature Pohutukawa tree next to the home and the distant islands turn the Castle Rock House into one of those picture-perfect getaways that New Zealand is renowned for across the globe. [Photography: Patrick Reynolds]

Exquisite kitchen and dining area of the cool summer home

Lighting fxitures from Seppo Koho enliven the interior

Gorgeous summer home in Auckland with sea view

Castle Rock House situated on a small, hilly lot in Auckland, New Zealand

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