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Kreola: Exclusive Italian Kitchen with Modern Comfort and Vintage Elegance

Looking for a truly exquisite and distinctive kitchen that combines evocative memories of simpler times with modern ergonomics and textural beauty? Then your search ends with the beautiful Kreola from the house of Marchi, which seamlessly juxtaposes both vintage and modern styles. Designed to suit the changing needs of an urban lifestyle while incorporating more rustic and unexpected finishes, this amazing Italian kitchen relies on wood, stone and metal to craft a memorable setting. A lovely light color palette and a cozy, inviting ambiance also turn each custom design into the perfect social zone.

Kitchen island and adjacent dining area offer plenty of space for entertaining guests

Kreola multitasks with ease, as it allows you to be a gracious host while giving you dedicated prep and cooking zones that promote interaction with others in the living room. The smart use of old silver handles, wooden finishes, specially crafted kitchen hoods and versatile kitchen islands ensures that the charm of a vintage kitchen is not lost, even while offering complete comfort. Turning the kitchen into the focal point of the living area, Kreola is for those who love to celebrate the past with understated class and elegance. Curated accessories that match its distinct style and classy chandelier lighting complete these one-of-a-kind kitchen compositions.

Hint of exposed brick adds to the unique style of the kitchen

Smart kitchen with vintage and artisan overtones and lovely detail

Smart modern kitchen creates a combination of comfort and elegance

Soft white finish of the wood makes it both appealing and soothing

Vintage style of the doors with sliver handles gives them a distinct personality

Treated marble use dof worktops and counters in the kitchen

Metallic finish adds a hint of glitter to the lovely kitchen

Seamless combination of the sitting and kitchen spaces by Marchi's Kreola

When I designed this kitchen, the picture in my mind was to create the ideal interior for a young couple who were friends of mine. They wanted an interior with good taste, but practical at the same time. They wanted a style that was congenial but still original, with plenty of room to invite friends for entertaining, and therefore it had to be functional, but also stylish enough to be incorporated into the living room area.

Lovely kitchen design tha grows along with the needs and changing lifetsyle of its owners

Heavy wooden surfaces and overall ambiance give the kitchen a timeless look

Light cream adds to the warm, fuzzy atmosphere inside the kitchen

Chandelier lighting and dining space complement the kitchen style

Beautiful wooden backdrop in the classy kitchen

Fabulous combination of stone, wood and metal inside the Italian kitchen

Intriguing design of the cabinets and the hood elevate the vintage appeal of the kitchen

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