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Heritage Home in Melbourne Charms with a Curvy Contemporary Extension

A modern extension in the rear seems to be one of the most popular ways of giving heritage homes a new lease on life and adding to their existing living space. This is precisely the approach that LSA Architects took in the case of this exquisite home in Melbourne as they turned the backyard into a breezy and bustling social hub for the family. Yet there is a wonderful twist in the tale, as the architects added an oak-lined curvy structure that steals the show and gives the residence a touch of playful charm. It’s no wonder then that it is dubbed the Curva House!

Front facade of the renovated heritage home in Melbourne

The smart addition was designed to meet the specific needs of a professional chef and his family, which meant that the kitchen and the dining space occupied the heart of the new extension project. Sitting inside the curved structure is a fabulous contemporary kitchen in white, with a sparkling marble island that also serves as a wonderful breakfast zone. Just next to it is the small dining area, and the transition from the old heritage home to the new, dazzling addition seems almost seamless. Next to it is the glass box with the sitting area, and both new structures overlook the lovely pool and the backyard.

Contemporary addition in the rear of the heritage Melbourne Residence

Snazzy rear extension uses a curvy, classy addition

Sitting area wih glass sliding doors make up the contemporary extension

New social zone with comfy couch and an open design

Social zone combines the interior with the landscape outside

Gorgeous marble kitchen island defines the elegant open kitchen

Dramatic marble island bench is the showstopper in the white kitchen

The extension not only increases the living area of the home, it also brings in ample natural light, while leaving the existing heritage structure and the street elevation untouched. Requiring minimal maintenance and blurring the line between the interior and the backyard, this indeed is an extension that makes the life of the homeowner easier and a lot more fun.

Kitchen and dining area of the revamped heritage home in Melbourne

Marble backsplash complements the smart island perfectly

Kitchen space from the inside extends to the contemporary addition outside

Exquisite contemporary bathroom in gray with standalone bathtub in white

Marble vanity in the bathroom adds to the opulence

Floor plan of the Curva Home in Melbourne

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