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70s Private Residence in Mexico City Gets a Grand, Green Makeover

A smart renovation is one that makes use of the existing structure in the best possible manner while transforming its ambiance and giving it the desired facelift. Typifying this to perfection is the gorgeous Barrancas House that blurs the line between the interior and the ravishing outdoors while giving the structure a touch of sustainability. Originally built in the 1970s, this old and weary residence was turned into a stunning modern masterpiece that combines aesthetics with eco-friendly ergonomics. This was accomplished by Ezequiel Farca Architects, who went about the task of modernizing the home with elegant panache!

Gray Exterior of fabulous renovated residence in Mexico City

Spread across three lavish levels that include a living area and wine cellar on the lowest level, a home theater, a laundry room, a sitting area and guest space on the first floor, and a master suite along with three additional bedrooms and a TV room on the top level, this renovated house is all about sheer opulence. Multifunctional spaces in all three levels allow the homeowners to relax in style while they take in the view outside. Sliding glass doors connect the sitting space and breakfast nook on the third level with the pool and stunning courtyard outside. A green roof, outdoor living walls and a lush garden give the home a green cloak that steals the show.

Private entrance to the stylish Barrancas House in Mexico City

Stackable sliding glass doors connect the outdoors with the interior

Sitting area of the house connected with the courtyard

Decor inside the lavish Mexican home is simple and elegant

Green wall outside the house creeps its way indoors!

Greenery finds its way inside the gorgeous Mexican home

Carefully crafted roof fetaure brings in ample natural light

Lovely use of Fuchsia pendants above the dining table

Minimal bedroom design with smart lighting

Standalone tub in the bathroom steals the show

The exterior of the residence in dark gray also adds to its contemporary transformation, and the decor inside is kept simple, neutral and minimal to match this style. A color palette that uses warm earthen hues and lighting accentuates this ambiance, and a refreshing pool outside seems like the icing on the cake. Hooked on to solar power and tapping into a grey water reuse system, this altered 70s home is all about the seamless fusion of style and substance.

Sheer curtains bring in natural light even while offering privacy

Seamless interface between the interior and courtyard in the renovated Mexican home

Romantic little spot for dinner under the stars

Stunning pool area and garden landscape shape the exterior

Private courtyard laced in greenery

Natural greenery adds another dimension to the captivating landscape

Dining area opens up towards the courtyard outside

Fabulous Mexican home with green walls and roof

Dark exterior seems to blend into the natural backdrop beautifully

Floor plan of the lower level of the lavish Mexican home

Floor plan of the second level of the renovated Mexico City Residence

Barrancas House Floor Plan

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