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Contemporary New York Apartment with Chic Midcentury Vibe

While some renovations totally transform the existing aura of a structure and show it in an entirely new light, others tend to take the route of a subtle overhaul. This beautiful New York apartment located in a 1930s tower facing Central Park West seems to have taken the latter path, as it combines traditional, contemporary and Midcentury design influences in a classy and coherent fashion. What was initially a two-bedroom home was turned by Stonefox Architects into a single-bedroom apartment, with the additional room being used as a home library and guest space. The interior uses a simple, neutral color palette with bright accents and brilliant wall art adding personality to the space.

Interior of the New York home combines the contemporary with the Midcentury

The Scarffe/Lanspe Residence balances modern elements with timeless decor pieces such as the Papa Bear Chair by Hans Wegner and other glittering golden accents to create a style of its own. The smart living area, a conversation nook and a sitting space lead to the dining room, which is separated from the kitchen using large sliding mahogany doors. While the kitchen is not as spacious as in most modern homes, its clever design and concealed cabinets ensure that functionality precedes form here.

Contemporary New York home with smart Midcentury decor

Beautiful conversation nook in the living room

Plush sofa and club chair in the living room

Lovelu use of color in the dining space

Wall art complements the color scheme of the dining room

Mahogany sliding wall separates the kitchen and dining

Mahogany sliding walls open up to reveal the kitchen

Chic bar design exudes sophsitication

Small home bar design idea

A cool home bar and a sleek workstation were added to the apartment, and the bedroom and bathroom were given a quick overhaul. Simplicity and ergonomics dictate the renovation project, which aims to serve the needs of the homeowners without opting for extravagant and opulent additions.

Floating shelves decorating idea in the kitchen

Renovated kitchen of the smart New York home

Floating bedside table design with a cool lamp

Elegant bedroom with a neutral color scheme

Sleek shelves and traditional decor add to the elegant interior

Gallery wall along with floating shelves creates a lovely display

Small home workstation inside the stylish home

Renovated bathroom with stone vanity

Wonderful shwoer area in stone

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