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Intriguing Italian Home in Black and White with Curated Minimal Panache

Many of us opt for a neural color palette in the living room or family area and decorate the bedroom and bathroom in more extravagant shades. Even in a neutral living room, bright accents and lively decor have become all too common in recent times. But this elegant home in Turin, Italy takes a different approach with a serene backdrop that eliminates any excesses and sticks to a simple color scheme anchored in black and white. One can see a restrained minimal style being executed with precision throughout the home, as the decor is kept simple and unassuming, and the focus is firmly on the subtle creative details and engaging textures.

Brick wall adds textural beauty to the black and white living room

The gorgeous home was designed by Fabio Fantolino, and apart from black and white, gray and brown make an appearance in every room. The living area features a plush couch in gray that stands out, thanks to the all-white backdrop, black side tables and a sleek entertainment unit in wood that barely makes its presence felt. A section of the wall is clad in brick and offers textural contrast, even as a lovely reading nook completes the space. The kitchen is the true highlight of the house with its gorgeous island, sleek shelves and a design that effortlessly marries form and functionality.

Simple black and white color scheme emphasizes on subtle detail

Sleek entertainment unit inside the apartment has a minimal, modern style

Decor inside the apartment is kept simple and minimal

Cozy reading nook in the living room

Stunning black and white kitchen makes a beuatiful statement - literally!

Italian Kitchen island with an etched message

Exquisite kitchen design combines form with function

Wooden surfaces, a dining table and decor bring some much needed warmth to the interior, while smart lighting accentuates this visual beauty. A tranquil bedroom that borrows from the color palette of the living area and a small bathroom complete what is a truly refined and relaxing modern home.

Brilliant use of pendant lights adds elegance to the minimal dining area

Colorful wall art and bookshelf create a stirring bcakdrop

A look at the bedroom from the dining space

Traditional four-potser bed with a moden, minimal twist

Tranquil, minimal bedroom with an organized design

Black and white bathroom complements the color scheme of the bedroom

Black backdrop and white sinks along with a wooden vanity in the bathroom

Dark wall in the bathroom gives the space a sober look

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