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10 Creative DIY Pallet Ideas for Your Garden

With spring in the air, now is the time to head outdoors and beautify your patio, yard and garden areas. Pallets provide an inexpensive, easy way to create a plant-filled outdoor space, even if that space is a tiny balcony. Repurposing and upcycling are two favorite DIY strategies, and today’s post is packed with creative techniques for giving pallets a second life. It’s easy to find images of pallet projects online, but we’re not stopping there. We’ve included links to detailed DIY instructions when available so you can try out the ideas that grab your attention. Ready to take the pallet plunge?!…

Pallet Gardens

Pallet gardens are one of today’s most popular palette DIY ideas, and there are many variations on this concept, as shown by the massive amounts of photos available if you conduct an online search. For a great primer on the basics of constructing a pallet garden, check out this post from One Hundred Dollars a Month. We’re also loving the look of this Vertical Pallet Garden from Freckles & Fluff, which is the epitome of a lush green pallet garden statement:

Vertical palette garden from Freckles & Fluff

This pallet garden from Hometalk was created with the help of old paint cans, rope, dock cleats and pallet boards. The beauty of this project is its versatility. Use the paint cans to hold herbs, as shown below, or change out the contents seasonally as new blossoming plants are available. The possibilities are endless:

DIY herb garden with pallet wood and paint cans

The pallet garden below has been floating around on Pinterest, and we’re loving the contrast between the painted plastic bottles and the light color of the wood. Plus, the bottles make the perfect affordable modern planters to hold the greenery of your choice:

Bottle and pallet garden

For a departure from the vertical vibe, check out this Painted Garden Bed on Wheels from Alexa Hotz via Gardenista. To create this rustic-modern planter/garden bed idea, paint your pallet wood and attach it to casters. Fill with the plants of your choice, and you’re set!

Painted palette garden beds on wheels

Outdoor Pallet Furniture

There’s nothing like a beautifully designed piece of outdoor furniture. But if you’re on a budget, it can be hard to find a modern selection that’s both striking and affordable. Which is why this Outdoor Pallet Table with a Recessed Planter Box from Ana White is so appealing! The best part: all of the wood from this table came from free pallets, so it cost virtually nothing to make!

DIY pallet table with a center planter

This Pinterest favorite reveals an entire balcony filled with furniture crafted from pallets. Note the casters, which make it easy to quickly rearrange the furnishings for impromptu seating vignettes:

Outdoor patio furniture set crafted from pallets

If you’ve ever tried to price lounge chairs, you know how expensive they can be, especially if you’re going for both comfort and style. That’s why we were delighted to come across these DIY Pallet Garden Loungers, which have been painted a striking shade of red. For a detailed DIY tutorial, head on over to Instructables.

Red pallet loungers for the outdoors

Speaking of colorful painted pallet seating, if you’re searching for an outdoor dining option, this DIY Pallet Patio Furniture Set from Ellis Benus is accompanied by a tutorial filled with handy images that break down the process into detailed steps. The end result is nothing short of stunning:

Colorful patio dining from Ellis Benus

Pallet Pathways

This DIY Pallet Wood Walkway from Funky Junk Interiors is super easy to create. While the wood is thicker than typical pallet boards, the project reminds us that reclaimed wood can be used in some pretty amazing, functional outdoor projects. For tips on how to make this walkway a reality, including the importance of soil in the process, check out this post. To us, the irresistible highlight of the photo below is the addition of rocks and greenery for a true rock garden feel:

DIY pallet wood walkway

Here’s another pallet path idea, this time with thinner pallet wood and a bit more space between each plank. View additional photos and details at My Garden Diaries.

Easy garden path with pallet wood

Are you inspired by the projects in today’s post? If you’re wondering where you can track down pallets for your next DIY endeavor, try locations such as hardware stores. For additional pallet source ideas, we found this article to be quite helpful. Here’s to a productive, pallet-filled spring!

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