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Classy Cottage in Quebec Brings Modern Aesthetics to Traditional Design

A relaxing lakeside retreat in the woods that lets you escape the mundane city life and its constant rush is an absolute dream indeed. Located in Ladysmith, Quebec, Canada, the Cross-Laminated-Timber Cottage was designed by Kariouk Associates to replace an old, dreary cottage that already occupied the lot. The idea was to design a new structure that reminded the family of the previous cottage while giving it a stylish modern makeover. The remote location of the lot along with a desire to minimize the environmental impact caused by the construction of a new cottage resulted in a Cross Laminated Timber structure, which was largely crafted off-site.

Prefab timber cottage combines the traditional and the modern

The individual components of the cottage were then assembled on the lot using helical piles and beams to shape a fabulous serene cottage that captured the beauty of an old timber-frame cottage while showcasing the beauty and versatility of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). Thanks to smart design and proper planning, the entire shell of the cottage was put together in a mere two days, and the interior was left largely unembellished to bring out the elegance of raw wooden surfaces. There is an innate minimal yet rustic appeal about the design, which includes the clever addition of modern comforts.

Prefabricated timber cottage in Quebec offers lovely views

Smart exterior of the cabin blends visuall with the landscape around it

Ingenious prefab cabin with a rustic and aesthetic exterior

Private deck of the cottage overlooking the tranquil lake

Gorgeous living area enclosed in glass panels overlooking the lake

Exposed Cross Laminated Timber gives the interior a unique visual

Black brings elegance and visual contrast to the kitchen

The dark exterior of the cottage allows it to blend in effortlessly with the landscape outside as dusk sets in everyday, while the spacious deck area and the large living space with glass walls visually connect the interior with the outdoors. Panoramic views of the serene lake outside and the lush green natural canopy turn this retreat into a nature-lover’s delight…

Fabulous bedroom of the cottage has a rustic vibe

Simple decor aims to give the prefab cottage the rustic, classical woodsy appeal

Smart bathroom combines the modern and the rustic

Exposed five-ply Cross Laminated Timber gives the interior a unique visual

Panoramic view of the landscape around Cross-Laminated-Timber Cottage

Floor plan of the amazing prefab cottage in Quebec with cross laminate timber strucure

Sherry Nothingam
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