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Rustic Chic Quebec Residence in Steel, Wood and Concrete

It is interesting to see how the majority of homeowners in recent times are opting for smart renovations instead of completely replacing old homes with grand, new structures. Located in Quebec, Canada, the Cottage de Brébeuf takes a similar sustainable and innovative path, as architects from Boom Town transformed an aging house into a lovely modern residence. Yet one can see a wonderful blend of the old and the new inside the revamped home, as warm wooden surfaces, metallic accents and the exquisite use of exposed concrete walls gives the private home a relaxed, rustic chic style.

Smart kitchen area combines rustic elements with contemporary style

Previous partitions that created a clustered and boring look on the lower level of the house were replaced by smart, strong steel beams to create an open plan living area. Wooden ceiling beams, a concrete fireplace structure and lovely flooring that demarcates the living room from the kitchen and the dining areas give the home plenty of textural contrast. Despite featuring a trendy contemporary kitchen in white, reclaimed wood from the old structure is used to shape both the kitchen island and sleek floating shelves, giving the space an inimitable aura of its own!

Reclaimed wood adds warmth to the contemporary kitchen in white

Concrete block and fireplace give the space a a unique focal point

Sliding glass doors connect the kitchen with the backyard

Timber recovered from the renovation finds a place in the kitchen

Kitchen island with wood panel covering and stools with an industrial touch

Colorful collection of Eames chairs at the dining area

Simple and elegant staircase design saves up on space

Stylish staircase connects the living area with the bedrooms upstairs

A sleek staircase leads the way to the top floor that houses the private quarters, which follow a similar color scheme and charm with ingenious textural beauty. Apart from the brilliant use of wood, steel and concrete, white is the color that dominates the overall setting, with pops of green and yellow being used sparingly. A lovely backyard becomes an extension of the lower level living zone, thanks to the use of sliding glass doors, while a beautiful brick exterior stays true to the roots of the house.

Wall art adds a hint of playful charm to the staircase landing

Small sitting area on the top level of the renovated Canadian home

Barn style doors for the modern bath

Reclaimed wood used to shape shelves in the bathroom

Sleek bathroom vanity design saves up on space

Standalone bathtub in white in the modern bathroom

Wooden ceiling beams and flooring shape the living area

Simple outdoor hangout of the private residence in Quebec

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